Flashback Friday: 42 Ways the 7 Deadly Sins Are Keeping You Poor


It turns out, most of us are a bunch of sinners. And those sins we commit regularly might be the sole reason for our financial struggles. Whether it's feelings of lust, greed, gluttony, or the others, those feelings lead to making terrible financial choices. How, exactly? Let's find out.

6 Ways Gluttony Is Keeping You Poor — Of course it's okay to overindulge on food and drink every once in awhile, but that can lead to celebrating with food and drink, and then commiserating with food and drink, and then eventually you're overindulging all the time and your wallet is empty. That's not great.

6 Ways Sloth Is Keeping You Poor — When you're feeling lazy, your motivation to do pretty much anything is nonexistent. As with any of these sins, a little is fine. But consistent instances of slothlike behavior can ruin your career, and your earning potential.

7 Ways Pride Is Keeping You Poor — Pride is a tough sin to beat. We all want to put our best face forward. Isn't that why we're all on social media? But when you're putting all your energy into maintaining a certain lifestyle, your finances can take a serious hit.

6 Ways Lust Is Keeping You Poor — When you're lusting after someone or something, it's hard to think straight. You might be sober, but your decision-making ability is drunk and needs to go home. You'll make impulse decisions that won't make any sense, and could ruin your budget, and your life.

6 Ways Envy Is Keeping You Poor — Similar to pride, envy is all about comparing yourself to others in an unhealthy way. Who cares what other people have though? Envy will never lead to happiness, so keeping up with the Joneses will only make you miserable in the end — and broke.

5 Ways Wrath Is Keeping You Poor — There's nothing wrong with being a deep-feeling, passionate person. But wrath is the extreme and destructive end of that spectrum, and it will ruin you, as much as it will the object of your wrath.

6 Ways Greed Is Keeping You Poor — For people suffering with greed, less is never more. This sin can lead you to a life of excess, extreme debt, and becoming the kind of person who lies so much that the truth becomes "fake news." And who wants to be that person?

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This article was really helpful in making me look at what it is that's causing me to spend too much. I didn't realise beforehand but now it's glaringly obvious to me that gluttony is my financial downfall - all the food I've ordered in! And what makes it worse is when I buy food in person and think of it as saving money on delivery when it's actually wasting money on expensive food when I have plenty at home. Now I know the problem, i can combat it - great article!