Flashback Friday: 43 Easiest Ways to Become a Time Management Master


There are never enough hours in a day to get all your to-dos done, am I right? Wrong. If there are super productive, uber successful moneymakers out there who are figuring out how to maximize every minute of the day, then you can, too. Here's everything you need to get started.

8 Reasons Time Is Worth More Than Money — You can always make more money, but time is finite. And recognizing the full value of your time will make you more inclined to pay attention to how you're spending it.

Organize 8 Key Areas of Your Life With These 17 Smart Apps — It's hard to manage your time when your everyday life is a chaotic mess. Getting organized is an important step in the time management process, and will make every step thereafter so much easier.

5 Easy Ways to Declutter Your Digital Life — No matter what your job is, you probably spend a decent amount of time on the internet. Just as you need to keep the physical space you occupy neat and tidy, you should also do the same for your digital space. That'll save you tons of time.

How to Add an Extra Hour to Your Day — No, science has not figured out a way to stop time when you need a break from reading the news. However, there are lots of little ways to cut back on time wasters to leave room for things that are worthy of holding your focus.

The Single Greatest Key to Managing Your Time — It all comes back to you. You are ultimately in control of how your time is spent, and once you learn how to manage yourself, time management will come.

16 Time and Money Saving Apps for Freelancers — When your livelihood is freelancing and your income is inconsistent, time can be extremely tricky to manage, but not impossible! These apps will help freelancers save money, and even better, time.

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