Flashback Friday: 45 Brilliant Career Tips for Introverts


The working world is not an easy place for introverts. We are often judged and chastised for not constantly participating, talking over others, networking, sharing, and bonding, when really, all we want to do is focus on our work. We don't speak to fill the silence, because silence comforts us. We wait until we have something of value to offer. And despite how difficult it seems for us to reach success, it is possible — without having to change our wonderful introvert ways.

10 Great Side Jobs for Introverts — If your full-time gig forces you to socialize and operate outside of your comfort zone, try one of these introvert-friendly side gigs to recharge at night and on weekends. Eventually, it could become your main source of income, and you'll actually enjoy your job!

7 Everyday Situations That Introverts Ace — Rather than being hard on yourself for struggling in social environments, it's imperative for introverts to embrace their strengths. We have so much to offer the world, and in these everyday scenarios, we slay.

6 Reasons Introverts Make the Best Employees — Introverts do not need to be closely supervised, they don't engage in office politics, and only speak up when they are offering sincere, honest information that is of interest to the people around them. Acknowledge why the company you work for is lucky to have you, and your confidence will soar.

5 Holiday Gigs That Are Perfect for Introverts — The holidays are a great time for introverts to escape into a seasonal side gig, make extra cash, and hopefully, not have to talk to an endless stream of strangers. These side gigs are also a welcome break from giant family gatherings with chatty relatives.

7 Work-From-Home Jobs for People Who Hate Talking on the Phone — Most introverts don't like talking on the phone. They also don't like leaving their sacred space at home. So these work-from-home gigs are perfect for homebody wallflowers.

The 10 Best High Paying Jobs for Introverts — You don't need to have 1,000+ Facebook friends to score a high-paying job. There are plenty of executive-level gigs that are perfect for introverts, and any of these roles could be in your future.

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