Flashback Friday: 47 Brilliant Ways to Save Money on Dinner

You get home from work. You realize you still need to make dinner. But what should you cook? Naturally, you'll want something quick, easy, healthy, and most importantly, frugal. And why should you settle for anything else? That's exactly how preparing dinner every night should be.

Here are 47 ways to save on dinner tonight.

10 One Pot Meals That Will Transform Dinner — When all the ingredients can be tossed into the same pot, you end up saving time, effort, and also money, since you know one pot can only fit so many items. And if you're a small family, there will probably be plenty of leftovers.

Eat Better and Save Money With These Easy Two-Night Meals — Speaking of leftovers, just because you have extra chili doesn't mean you need to eat it the same exact way the second night. Here are plenty of leftover meals that can be given a delicious twist on night two.

10 Delicious Freeze-Ahead Dinners for Busy Fall Weeknights — Meal prep is truly the key to happiness nowadays. It prevents unnecessary dinner stress, boring meals, and wasting money on takeout when you simply don't feel like cooking. These meals can be made ahead of time, and enjoyed on a crisp autumn night.

Save Money and Eat Better With These 6 Online Meal Planners — Take just a few minutes to plan out your eats for the coming week and you'll be so glad you did. Plus, if the meal planner is free, you really can't go wrong.

8 Quick Dinners for Lazy Cooks — When we say "lazy cook," we really mean "busy, hard-working baller that doesn't have enough time in the day to also cook." But you don't even need that much time (or money) to make a decent meal. Here's your proof.

Get a Week's Worth of Dinners Out of One Chicken — One chicken can go a long way, apparently. Swing by the grocery store and grab a rotisserie chicken, or take a night to roast your own, and you'll be feasting on it for one half of a fortnight. Cheers to that!

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