Flashback Friday: 49 Smartest Amazon Hacks That Will Save You Big


According to recent data, Amazon's net revenue for 2015 was over $100 billion in the U.S. alone. And I'm only responsible for half of that.

It's an online retail powerhouse for a reason. It offers convenient shipping options, low prices, and a selection of virtually everything you've ever wanted to buy. But as a regular Amazon shopper, it's important to know some tricks on how to save even more on every purchase.

Here are the 49 smartest Amazon hacks we've ever shared.

These Secrets of Amazon's Pricing Strategy Will Help You Find the Best Buys — It's easy to believe that Amazon wants their customers to always get the best deals because they treat us so well! But it's a business like any other, so they're out to make money. Knowing their pricing strategy will make you a much smarter shopper though, and will enable you to track down all the best deals.

16 Amazon Deal Hacks You May Not Already Know — You might be a proud Prime member, but are you getting the most out of Amazon's services? You can score free books, get free delivery on groceries with a trial membership to Prime Pantry, and so much more!

10 Things You Should Always Order on Amazon — Sometimes it'll be hard for Amazon's low prices to beat those at Target and Wal-Mart, but pet food and diapers are just two of the items that Amazon will always have better prices on.

7 Ways to Make Amazon Pay YOU! — You might be spending lots of money as an Amazon shopper, but with these brilliant tricks, you can actually make Amazon pay you. And there are few things greater than getting money from your favorite retailer.

5 Little Known Amazon Shopping Hacks — Amazon's customer service might be the best around, because they are constantly trying to keep their customers happy. If you need an item to be replaced, or would like a free prime extension, it's worth it just to ask.

7 Amazon Prime Perks You've Forgotten to Use — Free two-day shipping isn't the only benefit Prime members get to enjoy. So get the most of that annual membership fee and try out their unlimited data storage, early access deals, free video streaming, and more!

What are some other Amazon shopping hacks? Share with us!

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