Flashback Friday: 52 Ways to Keep Your Finances Fit During the Holidays


The holidays are coming, and with that comes a serious budgeting struggle. You want to get the right gifts, the right food, the right decorations, and you don't want to spend too much money on any of it. Many of us end up with a pile of debt at the end of the holiday season, but this year, don't let it happen to you.

9 Smart Money Moves to Make Before the Holiday Season Begins — The best way to get started is to tackle that worm as the early birds do and make a plan immediately. Set a budget, save money while you can, and go into the holiday season with a savvy strategy.

6 Money Moves You Can Make While Stuck in an Endless TSA Line — Most likely, you'll travel during the holiday season to see family members and spread that holiday cheer. This means that you'll probably end up at the airport, facing delays and long security lines. These money moves are so easy, you can make them while you wait.

10 Ways to Tidy Up Your Finances Before the Holidays — Another way to keep your money from becoming a mess is to tidy them up before the snow starts to fall. In addition to coming up with a holiday financial strategy, you should organize your bills, shred financial documents as needed, track receipts, and get a clear picture of the ways you currently spend money before you start spending more.

How to Use the Holidays to Teach Kids About Money — Take this opportunity to get the kids involved in your financial planning this season, as it will help them understand the value of a dollar and that everything comes at a price.

16 Festive Ways to Make Extra Money for the Holidays — The best way to keep your money neat this season is to bring in more of it to balance out your spending. If you have some free time and can take on a side hustle, you might end up breaking even by New Year's!

Winter Is Coming: Make These 6 Money Moves Now — With the arrival of Santa and spiked eggnog comes snow and necessary home care. You need to get your pipes, tires, and roof ready to weather the white fluffy stuff, so you can avoid any pricey winter surprises in the dead of chilly season.

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