Flashback Friday: 53 Beauty Hacks You Have to Try This Summer

Summer is a tough time for beauty. Humidity makes your hair turn into a nest of frizz, sweat makes your makeup run, and sunburns can really mess up your skin (as well as lead to scary potential health risks). But on the upside, it's the perfect time to minimize your beauty routine, do more with less, go au naturel, and become more confident in the gorgeous, real you.

Here are the 53 best beauty hacks you should try this summer.

6 Beauty Rules You Should Be Breaking — These are rules we're all conditioned to follow, even though they're absolute BS. Well, it's time to tap into your rebellious side and ditch these beauty rules. Because they're only holding back your full beauty potential.

7 Homemade Beauty Treatments That Actually Work — Believe it or not, some of the best beauty products can be made with ingredients found in your cupboard or fridge. And all of these are perfect for your delicate summer skin.

8 Easy Beauty Tricks to Hide Your Flaws (Not That You Have Any!) — Since heavy makeup tends to run and fade on hot summer days, here are ways to cover up blemishes and uneven skin tones without piling on the products.

7 Foods Scientifically Proven to Make You (More) Beautiful — Instead of using citrus fruits to make a DIY face mask, actually eat it instead! Yes, it's true. You can eat more and look better. Not a bad deal, eh?

18 Beauty Tips and Hacks for Summer — Did you know that sunscreen has an expiration date? And that shampooing less frequently will make your summer locks shinier and healthier? True and true. These summer beauty hacks will help you survive the summer heat will still looking fab.

7 Beauty Mistakes That May Be Ruining Your Skin — Do not step outside without slathering on the SPF. Keep the skin products to a minimum and keep your skin safe and healthy this summer with these essential beauty rules.

What are some other beauty hacks that are perfect for summer? Share with us in the comments!

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