Flashback Friday: 55 Brilliant Ways to Turn Your Junk Into Cash

In every house, on every street, there is too much junk. We all have things we don't need. So rather than letting those unwanted items collect dust and cause clutter-induced anxiety, why not sell them for some extra cash?

Here are 55 brilliant ways to turn your junk into cash.

10 Things You Should Always Buy and Sell on eBay — Before you drop off bags of clothes and old toys at your local Goodwill, try selling them on eBay! You never know what people on the Internet are willing to pay a premium for, so give it a go and see what you get.

11 Unusual Ways to Sell Your Stuff — If you've got clutter to sell, go beyond the classic Craigslist sale and sell your stuff on Facebook, specialty forums, and through several easy-to-use apps on your phone!

8 Totally Free Things You Can Sell on eBay — Who knew you could sell things like pine cones, driftwood, and empty perfume bottles for actual cold-hard cash? You can! And here are five other things you might have around the house (that you definitely don't need) that you can sell on eBay.

Clear Out That Clutter: 15 Places to Sell Your Stuff — Clutter can lead to unnecessary stress, and who needs more of that in their lives? If you're sick of looking at unwanted jewelry, textbooks, car parts, and more, then you should really consider selling it on one of these sites!

Make Money and Declutter by Selling These 5 Unlikely Treasures — Surprisingly, you can make a good chunk of change from selling old coffee mugs and smartphones. So the next time you're short on cash, look in your kitchen cabinet and junk drawer for items to sell.

6 Weird Things to Sell on eBay for Extra Cash — I'm not entirely sure why anyone would pay for things like empty makeup containers, someone's unwanted magazines, or toilet paper rolls, but there's a market for them on eBay! So before you toss any of these things, try to unload them in exchange for cash, instead.

What are some other ways to sell your old stuff? Share with us!

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