Flashback Friday: 59 Skills Frugal People Need to Master

You clip coupons, you plan your budget, and you track your spending. But in order to live a carefree, frugal life, you should also possess certain skills. Not the same skills Liam Neeson has in all the Taken movies, but skills that'll help you stash your cash carefully, so you can eventually retire comfortably.

Here are the 59 skills all frugal people should master.

11 Budgeting Skills Everyone Should Master — In order to become a true master of moola, you need to do more than just write down your expenses. You need to be vigilant, you need to allow yourself some spending money (just not too much), you need to plan ahead, and more!

6 Thinking Skills Frugal People Should Master — Reaching your money goals all starts with having the right mindset. And in order to remain frugal, you need certain thinking skills to constantly stay on top of your finances.

16 Simple Kitchen Skills Every Frugal Person Should Master — Believe it or not, knowing how to properly boil an egg, cut an avocado, and sharpen your knives can save you money! Learn the right skills in the kitchen and you'll stop overpaying for prepared meals and pre-cut produce immediately.

9 DIY Landscaping and Gardening Skills That Will Save You Money — Instead of paying someone else to do something, learn how to do it yourself! Landscaping and gardening are pricey services to pay for, so learning these skills will improve your budget, and your life!

7 Old Fashioned Skills That Save You Money — There might not be much of a need to make your own soap or bake your own bread in 2016, but knowing how to do so can save you big bucks!

10 Easy to Learn Skills That Will Save You Money — Rather than pay other people to cut your hair, change your car's oil, do your taxes, and more, pocket that cash and learn how to do these important tasks yourself.

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