Flashback Friday: 62 Creative Uses for Your Favorite Condiments


Condiments are your friends. They are always there for you, and you can trust them to improve any food-related situation you find yourself in. And sure, ketchup all the way down to tangy mayo taste good on fries, but these stellar sauces also shine when drizzled on things that aren't fried potatoes. Here are 62 creative uses for your favorite condiments.

15 Delicious Dishes Made Better With Salsa — Let's think outside the nacho bowl for a sec. Salsa can spice up your morning scramble, your lunchtime bowl of soup, your dinnertime pizza, and much more!

10 Unexpected Home Uses for Mayonnaise — Mayo is great on tuna, swirled into mac salad, or as a salad dressing base, but did you know you can also use it on home repairs, a skincare product, and as a lice killer? Time to stock up, I reckon.

7 Unexpected Uses for Honey — Honey is so handy that you might want to keep some on you at all times. It can heal burns, ease hangovers, and improve your sleep. No wonder bears love it so much. 

10 Surprising and Useful Things to Do With Ketchup — Don't toss those extra ketchup packets! This tomato-based fave can eliminate skunk odor, brighten copper, and moisturize your skin. And the rest you can squeeze on top of your fries, of course.

20+ Ways to Use Sriracha (AKA Awesome Sauce) — If you consider Sriracha to be the perfect topping, you'd be right. It seems to work with every dish and flavor combo. So if your goal is to find new delicious ways to set your mouth on fire, here are 20+!

What are some other unique uses for condiments? Share with us!

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