Flashback Friday: 70 Brilliant Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

There are few things worse than being uncomfortably hot in the summer, especially if you can't find a way to cool down. Outside of a gym or sauna, walking around drenched in sweat isn't all that cute. Luckily, it doesn't take a whole lot of time or money to regulate your temp and keep those pit stains at bay. You just need to get a little creative. Here are 70 brilliant ways to beat the summer heat.

22 Cheap Ways to Keep Cool During the Hottest Month of the Year — Rather than pour all your cash into a new air conditioner, get chilled on the cheap with a frozen treat, a cold washcloth draped over a fan, or a pair of underwear that's been in the freezer.

Wear Frozen Clothes and 9 Other Ways to Beat the Heat — Just by paying a little more attention to your surroundings, you can manage the summer hotness and keep yourself cool all summer. Know when to open the windows, cool your pulse point, and more!

11 Affordable Ways to Stay Cool in the Summer Heat — The sun's main goal during summer is to suck out your energy and make you sweaty. Fight back! Put some fans on the floor, keep those shades pulled during peak sunniness, and do not let the sun win. 

Cold, Frugal Drinks to Keep You Cool in the Heat — Sometimes all you need to cool off is an ice-cold beverage. And here are 10 that will give you the chill you need, while also keeping you within your budget.

8 Frugal and Refreshing Popsicles to Make This Summer — Until summer comes around, we tend to forget that just about any drink can be made into a popsicle. Cocktails, smoothies, juice — you name it! Just pour some into an ice tray, add popsicle sticks, then once they're set, chill out and enjoy. 

9 Places to Go to Beat the Summer Heat — Rather than changing your surroundings to keep you cool, change them entirely. Get out of the house and hit the local pool, movie theater, or any other air-conditioned location and give yourself a cool-down break.

How else do you keep cool in the summer heat? Share with us!

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