Flashback Friday: 75 Cheap Ways to Enjoy the Final Days of Summer

The summer will soon come to an end, which means saying goodbye to eating frozen treats on sticks, hours and hours of sunshine, and wearing big floppy hats. So sad. But instead of mourning the summer that's passed, we should be spending every moment enjoying the time we have left. Here's how to do it on the cheap.

23 Cheap Summer Date Ideas — There are still a few weeks left to head to the drive-in, grab an ice cream cone, or head to the beach with your boo. And without the need for an expensive meal or fancy setting, each date option will be well within your budget.

Great Summertime Grilling for Any Budget — When you think of food sizzling on the grill, you think of prime cuts of steak. While steak is always delicious, there are plenty of other edible options for delicious summertime grilling, including fruits and veggies.

How to Make Your Favorite Summer Produce Last All Year — Herbs, fruits, and vegetables that are in season during the summer will soon disappear from your local grocer's produce section. However, you can stock up on those fresh summer foods now, preserve them, and chow down on them all year long.

6 Cheap Ways to Entertain Your Kids This Summer — The kids won't be back in school for a couple weeks, so you still need ideas to keep them busy and happy. Look no further! I mean, who doesn't love a water party?

10 Ways to Make This Your Most Productive Summer Yet — You wanted this to be productive summer. There's still time to make it so. Get out that to-do list and make these final weeks count.

6 Summer Party Ideas That Won't Break the Bank — Labor Day is fast approaching, and if you're hosting a party, you'll need to get your decorations and menus prepped in the coming days. Luckily, these party ideas are budget-friendly, and will be a big hit with everyone in attendance.

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