Flashback Friday: 76 New Year's Resolutions That'll Make 2017 Your Year

There's no dancing around it — 2016 has been a garbage year. Most of us are ready to enthusiastically wave goodbye to it on New Year's Eve and usher in a fresh start. And even though most resolutions are abandoned by February, if you incorporate focused, realistic goals, your chances for success are far greater. So let's give it a go when the clock strikes midnight. Here are 76 New Year's resolutions that will make 2017 your best year ever!

15 Easy to Keep New Year's Resolutions That Really Pay Off — The smartest way to make goals that will stick is to make them easy. If they're difficult and vague, you won't be motivated enough to keep them. These are all easy, focused, and will make your life so much better.

Successful New Year's Resolutions Have This One Thing in Common — Does Yours? — The secret to achieving these holiday goals is to understand why the successful ones actually work. This breaks down the one thing all successful resolutions have in common. Make sure it's part of yours, too!

4 New Year's Resolutions Your Pet Wants You to Make — Your pet lives for you. They think you're the best creature on this Earth. So why not consider what they'd want for you when making your annual list of resolutions? Seeing your dog with that goofy grin will be more than worth it.

23 Frugal Living Resolutions Anyone Can Master — Living frugally is a trend that will never go away. We could all spend less money and buy fewer things. All of these brilliantly simple resolutions incorporate the frugal mindset. A little saving can go a long way.

8 Personal Finance Resolutions Anyone Can Master — Money. We all need more of it. Living paycheck-to-paycheck is a miserable way to live. Taking these small steps to building your financial cushion will give you financial freedom, and ultimately, a better life.

25 Small New Year’s Resolutions You Can Start Today — Why wait until the ball drops? Get started on your resolutions now! These steps are all small and easy-to-make. After all, the early bird gets the worm, right?

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