Flashback Friday: 84 Frugal Ways to Eliminate Stress

It's no secret a lot of us are feeling extra stressed right now. The most important thing we can do in times of extreme stress is to practice self-care, and do what we can to eliminate the sources of stress and anxiety in our lives. Here are 84 frugal ways to lighten the load.

10 Frugal Ways to Reduce Workplace Stress — Stress at work is probably the most common source of stress there is. And in those moments of stress at work, there are things you can do to take a step back and find that inner zen. Give these a try.

13 Cheap Ways to Beat Stress — The cure for stress isn't always an expensive massage or costly therapy sessions. There are frugal things you can do to combat the stress monster, and your wallet will appreciate that!

Beat Stress With These 28 Inexpensive Pastimes — Some of the most enjoyable and effective stress busters are the activities we've done since childhood. Go for a bike ride, take a moment to write, take an online class, or do a puzzle. There are so many, and all will make you feel better.

Turn Your Home Into a Spa With These 5 Frugal Stress Relievers — When you can't change your circumstances, you can change your environment. Give your home a soothing, spa-like feel and you'll instantly feel more relaxed.

8 Ways to Turn Your Stress Into Money — Another way to battle that stress is to turn it into cash. Because when you're more financially comfortable, your stress instantly decreases. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it can reverse your stress.

20 Free (or Really Cheap) Ways to Relieve Stress — Meditation, taking your dog for a walk, and rearranging your furniture are just a few ways to eliminate the stress in your life. And when you can do it for free, or very little money, why not try?

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