Flashback Friday: 84 Reasons to Be Done With Summer and Get Excited for Fall


I'm so over summer. I've eaten more than enough ice cream to last me until next year, and the high temps are slowly killing my spirit. We're still about a month away from jumping in piles of leaves and consuming way too many candied apples, but until then, let's all get psyched for the wonders of autumn we will soon get to enjoy.

12 Ideas for Cheap, Festive, Fall Decor — Pumpkins, dried leaves, candles that make you feel like you moved into a bakery, oh and everything orange. Fall decor is rich and cozy, and you can easily decorate your home on the cheap.

5 Cheap, Fun Fall Getaways — Plan your fun fall getaway now and you'll save even more! Plus, it'll give you something to look forward to until it becomes socially acceptable to order hot pumpkin spiced lattes.

Carving Pumpkins and 14 Other Cool Ways to Make Cash From Fall Holidays — Did you know that you can do all the fun fall holiday activities you normally do, but also make money? Yep, it's true! Map out your moneymaking strategy now, because as you know Autumn is coming.

6 Ways Autumn Is Good for Your Mind and Body — See? It's not just because sweater weather is the most universally flattering time of year. Fall is a season of healing, and pies. You really can't go wrong.

15 Easy Fall Pizzas — Any pizza is a winner in my book, but these fab fall pizzas use seasonal ingredients, and creative alternatives to the classic pie that will make you drool. The following three words should sell you on it: Pot. Roast. Pizza. Hungry yet? 

31 Frugal Ways to Celebrate Fall — There are so many amazing ways to welcome the prettiest season of the year, and you don't need to spend a fortune to do so. Most of these activities are free, because the best way to celebrate autumn is to take a step outside and look around.

What are some other reasons to welcome the Autumn season? Share with us!

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