Flashback Friday: 85 Best Ways to Save on Halloween This Year


Halloween is just around the corner, as is the rest of the seriously pricey holiday season. We spend so much time budgeting for Christmas that we forget about how expensive Halloween can be. With the candy, costumes, decorations, and theme parties, it's very easy to blow your holiday budget before November even begins. Let's be better this year. Here are the 85 best ways to save on Halloween 2016.

13 Sites to Find Your Halloween Costume Cheap — You want a complete costume with attire and accessories, but you also want it for cheap. You're only going to wear it once anyway, so get your Halloween costume from any of these sites and you'll save mega bucks.

13 Scariest Halloween Frights You Can Make From Trash — One person's trash is that same person's Halloween craft treasure, apparently. There are tons of cute decorations you can make from recycling stuff you already have. Plus, it's fun!

13 DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Pets — Pet owners usually love dressing their pets up in Halloween costumes because the level of cuteness is astounding. But since your pet has no idea what's going on, and probably isn't a huge fan of wearing clothes, use these tips to create a cheap and adorable DIY costume instead of buying one.

20 Simple and Cheap Halloween Costumes for Kids — Halloween costumes for kids don't need to be elaborate or costly. Plus, they'll probably grow out of the costume by the time trick-or-treating is over anyway, right? All of these ideas are creative, frugal, and all kinds of cute.

25 DIY Halloween Treats That Trick-or-Treaters Will Love — Skip the candy corn — because nobody actually eats that anyway — and make any of these DIY Halloween treats. Your home might become the best one on the block.

The Big List of Money-Saving Coupon Codes for Halloween 2016 — Looking to save some extra cash while doing your Halloween shopping this year? Look no further than this massive and magnificent list of money-saving coupon codes.

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