Flashback Friday: 88 Easy Ways to Get More Exercise


Working out is not easy. Conjuring up the motivation to work out is also not easy. When you're snuggled up in bed, the last thing you want to do is exit the blankets and pillows and move around enough to sweat. But unfortunately, it's a necessity to staying healthy, and well, alive. Take the effort out of it and get moving with these easy tips.

50 Ways to Make Exercise More Fun — In order to want to workout, it needs to not feel like a waking nightmare. It needs to be fun. Or at least, not completely terrible. These tips will give you that, so you never skip a workout again.

10 No-Sweat Workouts Perfect for the Workplace — A great way to get your daily workouts over and done with is to do them at work. That way, when you leave for the day, you won't have to head to the gym. These workouts are easy and won't cause you to sweat through your shirt.

6 Simple Ways to Get More Exercise Without Working Out — The best workouts are always the ones you don't even realize you're doing until you're done. If you take every possible opportunity to move more throughout the day by taking the stairs, parking further away, etc., you'll burn more calories without having to hit the treadmill.

7 Ways to Sneak More Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule — An excuse that we all use to get out of exercising is that we're "too busy" to make the time. We have things to do, meals to cook, and errands to run, so workouts land at the bottom of the to-do list. But if you set small active goals each day to move more, and practice healthier habits, you're on your way.

6 Apps That Pay You to Workout — We're all motivated by money, so why not use it to get us to move more? These apps will actually pay you to exercise, so you're officially out of excuses not to.

9 Quick Workouts You Can Do During Commercial Breaks — Even if you stream all your favorite shows, you'll still be stuck sitting through ads. During those quick breaks, hop off the couch and get moving. By the time the show returns, you've earned a break to sit back down.

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