Flashback Friday: The 118 Best Beauty Hacks of All Time


Looking your best is a skill that is slowly perfected over many years. Most beauty tricks we learn through jumping on bold trends, embracing what works, and learning from our own heinous beauty blunders. It takes time, but the end result is worth the wait, because by a certain age, you know how to put your best foot — and freshest face — forward, and make the world around you do a double take when you pass by.

But while you might already consider yourself a master of your signature style, beauty schoolin' never ends. There is always more to learn, and more tricks to try. Here's a roundup of the 118 best beauty hacks we've ever shared.

12 Easy Ways to Save on Common Beauty Buys — You'll spend a shocking amount of moola on makeup in your life, so these tips on common beauty buys will keep your budget in check when it comes to the essentials.

7 Makeup Items You Should Ditch Today — Knowing what to let go of is almost as important as knowing which beauty products to buy. Beauty products are getting better by the day, so it might be time to ditch these oldies and stick with the newbies.

8 Easy Beauty Tricks to Hide Your Flaws (Not That You Have Any!) — Nobody is perfect, and our flaws are what make us unique. But that giant splotchy zit on your forehead isn't your favorite feature right now, and should really be hidden. Here's how to do it.

16 Hacks for the Perfect At-Home Mani-Pedi — There are few things in this world more wonderful than getting the perfect mani-pedi. But why spend steep salon prices when you can give yourself a stellar nail makeover at home? Exactly. Time to DIY those paws.

7 Beauty Tools That Aren't Worth the Money — Every beauty tool is marketed as "the one thing you need in your makeup bag" or "the tool that will always leave you looking your best." However, not every beauty tool delivers on those promises, and when they don't, they sure aren't worth the money you spend to get them.

18 Beauty Tips and Hacks for Summer — With the high temps and intense humidity, the summer season can be a three-month beauty disaster. Here's how to embrace the elements and make 'em work for you.


9 DIY Beauty Masks Made From Food — Those fancy, high-end face masks are fun to wear on a night in, but you can actually find all of your beauty mask essentials right in your kitchen. These beauty masks give your face a healthy glow

6 Beauty Rules You Should Be Breaking — Not all rules are meant to be followed, even in the beauty world. You only have one face, so embrace it, and break the rules that tell you to hide it.

7 Foods Scientifically Proven to Make You (More) Beautiful — Wait, so you can eat more food and become more beautiful? Um, don't mind if I do! Can't argue with science, right?

9 Keys to Creating an Affordable Makeup Kit You'll Love — Most beauty companies will recommend each of their products to be used with their other products in the same line. Which makes sense, since they would love more of your hard-earned cash. But here's the real deal on how to create a makeup kit that has all of your fave products, and is also affordable.

7 Homemade Beauty Treatments That Actually Work — Home remedies and DIY treatments always sound great, but do they actually work? These sure do. Give them a try and you'll love what you see in the mirror.

12 Makeup Hacks From the Pros — With famous clients and high-pressure photo shoots, the pros of the beauty world have probably learned some incredible tricks to keep their clients looking camera-ready and fabulous. Here are their secrets.

What are your favorite beauty hacks? Share with us in the comments!

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