Flashback Friday: The 119 Best Fitness Hacks for Busy People

"I don't have enough time to work out." This is an excuse that most of us use to skip a scheduled sweat sesh. While it's true that there just aren't enough hours of the day to accomplish all of our tasks, it is still possible to make time to exercise regularly without shirking other responsibilities. All you need to do is find the right workout — something that you don't hate doing — that can also be done in tiny time increments. So instead of trying to set aside an hour each day to get in shape, you can almost certainly justify a handful of five or 10-minute workouts to do throughout the day.

Here are our best 119 fitness hacks that require minimal time, and can fit into your normal schedule seamlessly.

4 Ways to Get Toned With as Little Effort as Humanly Possible — Busy bees know that effort takes time, and time is money. These tips make it easy to get cut without cutting any of your daily tasks.

8 Personal Finance Moves You Can Make While Jogging — Multitasking is the key to masterfully managing a hectic schedule. So while you're going for a run, make these important money moves and you'll have less boxes to check on your to-do list!

10 Surprising Benefits Of: A 10 Minute Walk — Don't shrug off the value of a quick stroll around the block. If that's all you have time for, remember that it'll be time well spent.

9 Quick Workouts You Can Do During Commercial Breaks — Your end-of-day TV time is sacred to you, as it should be. This is how you unwind after a crazy day. But there's no reason you can't unwind while also working out! Here are nine quick workouts to do during the commercials.

7 Simple Ways to Trick Yourself Into Burning More Calories — Sometimes you need to trick yourself into doing things you're never in the mood to do. And for most of us, that includes exercising. And these tricks are brilliant, because it's like you're not even working out at all, while still burning calories.

10 Easy Back Exercises That Will Help Eliminate Pain — Nobody has time to be sidelined by back pain! These easy moves will combat tightness or soreness in your back, and keep you in tip top form to continue crushing it.

Fitness For People Who Hate Exercise — Working out sucks, but it's gotta be done if you want to maintain your overall health and live to a ripe old age. So instead of making time for a fitness activity you abhor, give these a try and you'll always find the time.

10 Easy Ways to Burn Almost 1000 Extra Calories Per Day — When it comes to losing weight and becoming your best physical self, working out is only half the battle. These nutrition hacks will help you cut the excess calories, which will ultimately improve your energy and make exercise more fun! Speaking of more fun…

50 Ways to Make Exercise More Fun — You will never find the time — not even 5-10 minutes — to workout if you hate your method of fitness. Here's how to make your sweat sesh way more enjoyable.

What other ways can you get fit on a busy schedule? Share with us in the comments!

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The 119 Best Fitness Hacks for Busy People


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