Flashback Friday: The 60 Best Ways to Use Food Other Than Eating It

Eating food might be the best time of anyone's day. And while food is meant to be consumed with thorough chewing wrapped in "ooh"s and "ahh"s, it can also be used for beauty, decor, and home repair. Though you'd probably use a jar of honey as a sweetener over a face mask ingredient any day, it's comforting to know that the contents of your kitchen have the potential to take care of all of your everyday needs.

Here are the 60 best food hacks that have nothing to do with eating.

4 Ways to Use Your Food That Don't Involve Eating — Aside from keeping your skin and hair all kinds of gorgeous, you can use food as home decor, pesticides, and cleaning products! A little DIY magic can make your fridge's contents go a long way.

10 Unexpected Home Uses for Mayonnaise — It turns out, mayo is seriously amayozing. Sorry, had to do it. But for real, this beloved condiment kills head lice, fixes cracks in wooden furniture, strengthens fingernails, and beyond. It's all kinds of handy.

9 DIY Beauty Masks Made From Food — Just open the fridge and you'll find a vast array of beauty products! So instead of wasting extra cash on a face mask, just make your own using edible ingredients from your kitchen.

15 Unexpected Uses for Peanut Butter — You might be shocked to learn that PB performs better without the J, especially when it's not used for eating. Peanut butter can be used as a leather cleaner, a squeak squasher, and a delicious way to lure pests to their death. Mind = blown.

5 Things to Do With Your Coffee Beans — Of course, your morning cup of joe is sacred. But if you've got any extra coffee beans lying around, put them to good use with these brilliant tricks!

7 Unexpected Uses for Honey — Did you know honey can heal burns? I didn't either! Honey is a wonder product that can do so much more than simply sweeten your tea.

10 Surprising and Useful Things to Do With Ketchup — Oh, you thought ketchup was just a cheap way to dress up a burger? Think again. This talented condiment can shine copper, fight skunk odor, prevent cancer, and so much more!

What are your best non-food food hacks? Share with us in the comments!

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