Flashback Friday: The 81 Best Tips for Saving Big at the Grocery Store


You go to the grocery store. You have a list in hand. Then, you stray from the list for just one item, and somehow you end up bringing home a bunch of food you didn't plan on buying, leaving your grocery budget completely obliterated. This happens to all of us, and it happens often.

And no matter how much you plan ahead and try to stay on track, you can easily be lured into extra spending with 10 for $10 deals and delicious deli specials. The problem is that we need food to survive, so buying additional snacks and meals is way easier to justify in your mind than clothes or shoes. You can resist the urge to buy a new pair of shoes you don't need, but you will always need to put food in your belly.

So to combat this tricky spending trap, here are the 81 best tips for saving big at the grocery store that we've ever shared.

5 Off-Season Foods That Are Destroying Your Grocery Budget — You love fresh produce, but do you really need all your favorites 365 days a year? Nope. Stay away from foods that aren't in season and you can protect your food budget.

The 6 Healthiest Grocery Stores — These stores are actively trying to ensure you make healthy food choices every time you shop. And sure, you can't guarantee that you'll never make an impulse buy at the register ever again, but wouldn't you rather that impulse buy be something good for you, as opposed to junk food? Me too.

5 Easy Ways to Save on Groceries in a Pinch — You need food but you're low on funds. Now what? Here are five clever ways to get what you need while staying within your means.

9 Ways You Are Sabotaging Your Weekly Grocery Budget — The first step to fixing a problem is acknowledging that there is one, and becoming aware of the triggers that lead to the problem. These are the grocery budget saboteurs that are keeping you from staying on track. Now you know.

Save $100s Next Month With These 10 Grocery Shopping Tips — These tips will take your shopping strategy to the next level, and will help you resist those all-too-tempting food deals that are not on your list and outside of your budget.

10 Organic Grocery Items That Aren't Worth It — The "organic" label is a popular one to seek when food shopping. But some things don't need to be "organic" to be good for you. Skip these organic items and save big.

Negotiate Better Prices on These 6 Grocery Store Buys — Good news! That price tag isn't set in stone. There are several items in your local grocery store that can be negotiated. So get haggling and save some major cash.

10 Grocery Store Secrets Only the Pros Know — These master hacks will show you how to get the best possible foods for your money, without spending more than need to.

20 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Grocery Dollars — Just because you don't have a full house doesn't mean you can't do some smart bulk buying. Stretch your grocery bucks as far as they'll go with these easy tricks.

How do you avoid overspending at the grocery store? Share with us in the comments!

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