Flashback Friday: The 82 Best Spring Cleaning Hacks We’ve Ever Shared

Let's face it, chores as an adult are kind of awful — especially since you don't an extra $10 at the end of it, only extreme exhaustion and dirty hands. Since spring cleaning season has arrived, people everywhere are scanning their homes for stuff they can get rid of, and surfaces that could use a good scrubbin'. And tackling any major task can go from miserable to mildly pleasant as long as you have a plan — and lots of brilliant hacks to cut down on time and effort, of course!

Here are the 82 best spring cleaning hacks we've ever shared.

7 Ways to Prepare for Spring Cleaning — The early bird gets the worm, right? It's true. Before you start spring cleaning, get prepared by making lists, playlists, and assembling your dust-destroying tool kit.

8 Tasks You Shouldn't Skip During Spring Cleaning — Once you start cleaning, you might be tempted to cut corners in order to get this madness over with ASAP. Just make sure you don't skip these areas of your home, as they often get neglected and are in dire need of some TLC.

11 Ways to Have a Clean Place Without Cleaning — Wait... cleaning without actually cleaning? Yes, please! These little life adjustments can make your house cleaner, which reduces the time you need to spend cleaning. You're welcome.

How to Clean Everything With Just 3 All-Natural Cleaners — So many cleaning products have harsh, toxic ingredients that might keep your belongings shiny, but are also destroying your skin and the environment. Go au naturel with your cleaners and you're basically saving the world.

9 Things You Don't Need to Clean — If nothing else, this list of things you don't need to clean will cheer you up when you've only completed less than half of the tidy tasks on your to-do list.

6 Cleaning Rules You Should Be Breaking — Believe it or not, some germs are good germs. Here are the cleaning myths that we've proudly busted. Be a rebel this year, and break these common cleaning rules.

6 Tips for Spring Cleaning on a Budget — Buying all of those new sponges and anti-bacterial wipes can add up quickly. So here's how to keep your spring cleaning spending under control.

9 Things in Your House You're Forgetting to Clean — Monsters who live under the bed like things clean, too! Don't skip these commonly forgotten areas when isolating dirty parts of the house.

25 Essential Tricks for Quick and Easy Cleaning — We're all extremely busy humans, so taking time out of our schedules to deep-clean the house seems bonkers and completely unreasonable. These tricks will help you get all of your cleaning done with time to spare!

Do you have any stellar spring cleaning hacks? Share with us in the comments!

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Violet Gibson

Thank you for this flashback! It is always a good idea to remind about the golden articles. My personal favourite is "9 Things in Your House You're Forgetting to Clean"
Violet from Clean N Gone.