Flashback Friday: Wise Bread's 88 Best Food Hacks Ever

Food is something all humans need to survive. And since we've evolved into a stressed out, overworked race of eaters, we need our food prep to be as easy and painless as possible. That's why we're all so obsessed with food hacks. Wait, I've been eating apples all wrong my entire life? Cupcakes can be made even better by turning them into cupcake sandwiches? Mind = blown. This is what we live for, folks.

So to honor the Internet's ongoing fascination with food hacks, let's go back in time to revisit some of Wise Bread's very best. Here they are.

7 Surprising Cooking Hacks That Save Time — Instead of spending hours in the kitchen preparing a hearty meal — because nobody likes a hangry cook — use these brilliant cooking hacks to cut down on prep time.

9 Pantry Tricks That Save You Big — Being able to stock up on food staples like a frugal boss requires the use of crafty storage tricks. Here's how to turn your pantry into an easily accessible food paradise.

4 Ways to Use Your Food That Don't Involve Eating — You don't need to consume food in order to fully enjoy it. Here are four genius food hacks to beautify your bod and keep your home squeaky clean using the items found in your fridge.

5 Awesome Cooking Tricks for Single People — Significant others are not required in order to eat like a king (or queen). These cooking tricks will help you make the right sized meals that you will thoroughly enjoy.

14 Fridge Tricks That Will Save You Big — With just a little rearranging, your fridge will transform from a battle ground of expired food into a brightly colored haven of all things still edible. What are you waiting for?

20 Easy Ways to Stretch Your Grocery Dollars — So simple, yet so brilliant. If you can master these grocery shopping hacks, your life is sure to improve.

21 Foods That Cost Under a Buck a Pound — With Recipes! — Your Depression era grandparents will applaud your impressive frugalness when you whip up any of these budget-friendly recipes.

8 Creative Ways to Save Money on Food — Throwing money away on overpriced snacks is sooo 2015, you guys. Use these creative money saving hacks to fill your fridge with all the foods you know you'll eat.

What are some of your favorite food hacks? Share with us in the comments!

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Kimmy Burgess

Cooking adds a new flavour to life. it is the best past time activity to practice. But while practising the process you can slip off from your budget. These are great posts to save many bucks in our pocket. Thanks for sharing.