FREE 2GB iPod Shuffle from Compass Bank

Photo: Compass Bank

Key Bank clearly did very well from their iPod promotion, because Compass Bank is now running almost the exact same deal. With Compass though it's a very cool 2GB iPod Shuffle, and it's free to new customers.

There are a few stipulations (aren't there always?) but they're reasonable. Here's the lowdown on the deal:

Update: MOST IMPORTANT (thanks Bloggrrl):

You must register BEFORE opening a Compass Build-to-Order Free Checking Account online. To ensure timely delivery of email to your inbox, please add to your trusted email senders list.)

  • It's for NEW Compass Bank customers only
  • You need to open the Compass Build-To-Order FREE Checking
  • You must not have received any promo gifts from Compass in the last 12 months
  • You have to be over 18 (19 in Alabama)
  • You need to make a $25 deposit (which you can always get back later)
  • You have to apply for your Shuffle within 30 days of opening the account
  • You pay for shipping ($9.95)
  • Only for residents of Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, New Mexico and Texas.
  • Offer available online only through 06/30/2008. So, hurry!


You can read the full details of the deal here , but trust me when I say I did it a few years ago with Key Bank and it was well worth it. I got the Nano for a $50 deposit and it's been terrific. Brand new, not a refurb, quickly shipped to me and the checking account is great. And as I have a Compass Bank free checking account, too, I can also tell you I'm very happy with that one.

May the music be with you.

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Linsey Knerl's picture

Not available where I live (shucks...) but a super deal, nonetheless!

Thanks, Paul!

Guest's picture

It says that you need to register to get the free iPod BEFORE you open the account. I got in a hurry and opened the account first... :-(

Paul Michael's picture

You're right, that's an important step and it's buried on the claim form page. Call Compass Bank and let them know what happened. I'm sure they'll be reasonable and let you get a shuffle. If not, let me know and I'll call them. I have added that very important point to the post. 

Guest's picture

Hi, they have another promotion on ipod nano. I turned in the claim form plus shipping in the beginning of Nov. So far, no nano yet. Customer service line coulndt help me or don't have a clue. I am frustrated. I am going to close my accounts by Jan'09 if I don't get the nano. Their customer servie really sucks !

Guest's picture

One thing to be aware of with these offers - my daughter found that when she filed her taxes, the bank sends an irs form declaring the amount of the "free" gift and that affected the amount of her tax refund. Nothing is really free.

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Look the contract over VERY CAREFULLY! They will honor the contract only if you do everything perfectly. Then BEWARE! Be careful and don't ever overdraft your account. If you use your debit card six times in one day and accidentally put your "available" balance in the negative on the last transaction, you may be charged an "NSF" fee for all six transactions at $38.00 each. $38.00 X 6 = $228.00. It would be much cheaper to simply buy the I-Pod. Don't take my word for it. Ask the Bank when you open your account.

Guest's picture

i just opened my account with compass, does this mean I won't be able to get an ipod shuffle; they told me to print out the form and take it to them, or they would register me themselves.