FREE 8GB iPod Touch From BBVA Compass Bank (Colorado)

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You only have 30 days left to take advantage of this one, but it's a great offer for a great product. The big picture is simple — open up a BBVA Compass Build-To-Order Free checking account in Colorado and you get a FREE iPod Touch valued at $199.99.

Of course, the small print does ask a little more of you, but nothing you wouldn't be doing with your current checking account. You may see other offers like this have ended, but I picked up the promotion card today at my own branch (so I'm not eligible, obviously) and asked when it ended. April 30th was the answer. There may be similar promotions in your state, so do some checking.

Here are the major details:

  • To qualify for this offer you must open a new BBVA Compass Build-To-Order Free Checking account by April 30th.
  • The minimum deposit must be $25.
  • Within 6 weeks of opening the account, have your first direct deposit of at least $300 from an unrelated third party (your paycheck most likely).
  • For at least 6 months after opening the account, have your minimum $300 direct deposit continue once each billing cycle.
  • You will have to pay $9.95 shipping and handling for your iPod Touch.
  • If you don't comply, you'll pay $180 for the iPod Touch.

There's some more legal jargon, but that's the big idea. Basically, if you change banks and do what you do now with the new BBVA Compass Bank account, you'll bag your iPod Touch. If it's just not worth the hassle, fair enough. Certainly something to consider though, especially if you're looking for a new bank anyway. And the iPod Touch also allows you to do mobile banking, which is another reason to take advantage of this deal.

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It's a piece of crap like all apple stuff

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It's a piece of crap like all apple stuff

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My girlfriend got one of those iPod Touch’s back then. She wanted the services and no problem with the low S/H fee. Our local branch here in TX called for her here at home while she was gone so I got to give her the news. The Compass main branch 6 miles down the freeway made an appointment for her to meet them to fill out the paperwork.

For her, the worst part wasn’t the requirements or the restrictions or the cost. The rep said she was the only customer from our smaller local branch to do the offer and asked her if she would be willing to have some photos and video footage taken with the bank employees for media coverage and the branch bulletin board — so she was embarrassed to get all that attention and dress up to do that!