Free Children's Book from Barnes and Noble

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Barnes and Noble is giving away free children's books from May 29th to September 2nd, 2007.

To qualify for the promotion, have your kids read any eight books and write down their favorite bits from each book on a journal provided by Barnes and Noble. You can exchange that journal for a free book coupon at any Barnes and Noble bookstore.

Here are the details:

1. Kids read any eight (8) books of their own choosing - library books, books borrowed from friends, or books bought at Barnes & Noble.
2. Ask them to write about their favorite part of each book in the Summer Reading Journal. A parent or guardian must sign the journal after each entry.
3. Bring the completed Summer Reading Journal to a Barnes & Noble bookstore between May 29th and September 2nd, 2007.

4. We'll give them a coupon for a FREE book! They can choose from a list of exceptional paperback titles.

Source: Barnes and Noble

This is a great gift for children's birthday parties. Instead of buying a toy for your ungrateful nephew, why not print out a journal and encourage him to earn a free book instead?

I just love this kind of win-win promotions. By giving away free books, Barnes and Noble is creating a new generation of customers and literate citizens. More importantly, the journal entries requirement will also get kids into the blogging mindset early. Yes folks, I like to recruit good bloggers no matter how young they are!

Found via Festival of Frugality at My Two Dollars and Supersaver.

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Just curious. :)

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I am, for better or worse, the only child.  Yes, the line dies with me if I don't start finding that special someone.  Amazingly enough, women aren't very sympathetic when I use this as a selling point for going out with me.  Sheesh.

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"Hey, you know - I don't have any siblings. If I don't have kids, the Chen bloodline comes to an end."

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"Take me, big boy!"

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You had me at hello.