Free entertainment all over town

For the LA natives in the crowd, don't miss the free Downtown on Ice events at Pershing Square, going on until January 12. Note: Events have ended.

Enjoy a movie under the stars on Wednesday nights, starting at 7:00 pm. Or you can pay the $6 to get in the rink and watch from center ice. Upcoming flicks:

  • 12/13 - Beauty and the Beast's "Enchanted Christmas"
  • 12/20 - It's a Wonderful Life
  • 12/27 - E.T.
  • 1/3 - Nanny McPhee
  • 1/10 - Dr. Suess' "The Cat in the Hat"

Thursday and Friday nights is concert night. Various local bands play under the stars, and again, the price is free! If you can't make it downtown after dark, check out the lunchtime concerts every Tuesday and Thursday at noon.

To find cheap entertainment options in LA, I depend on the following:

  • LA Times Calendar Live - The expanded entertainment section of the LA Times.
  • LA Weekly - Free paper with an invaluable guide to plays and other stage shows. A $10 play you've never heard of can be much more fun than the latest $150 Disney musical!
  • LAist events - has sister sites for NYC (Gothamist), San Fransisco (SFist), Shanghai (Shanghaiist) and more.

Just because you'd like to hear a live band or watch some real people act on stage doesn't mean you need to shell out hundreds of dollars. There are plenty of free or near-free entertainment options all over town.

Of course, Los Angeles and other major cities aren't the only places on earth to offer free activities and events for the community. If you're searching for fun things to do in your city this weekend, start by checking out the local newspaper, library bulletin board, and community calendars at your city hall or parks and recreation department. You might be surprised what fun things you find!

What resources do you use to find interesting events for your town?

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What resources do you use to find interesting events for your town?

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