FREE food for diabetics


Get them quick folks, because I can't find an expiration date on either of these special offer pages. The good folks at Glucerna are giving away cereal and milkshakes completely free. That's great news for you frugal readers who have to live with diabetes, or know someone who does.

FREEBIE 1 - SHAKES (up to $11 value)
Click here and enter the promo code COOKING2.


FREEBIE 2 - CEREAL (up to $5 value)
Click here and enter the promo code JOURNAL

Other GREAT offers

Register at here and use promo code CATALINA to receive an email with a printable $10 off coupon for a multipack of shakes or 2 boxes of Glucerna bars. You can print the coupon twice!

You can also get a $1.25 printable coupon for Glucerna here

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Paul, did you ever taste this stuff? I'm diabetic so I bought a couple of Glucerna shakes when they first came out, hoping they'd be good "work food" to keep in my desk. I don't even want them for free. :-)

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We got 2 boxes of cereal for free. It was so bad we threw it out!

Guess the shakes are just as bad!