Free Food This Week and a Chance to Give to Make-A-Wish Foundation

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I love the free ice cream days at ColdStone Creamery.  Another one is coming up real soon, but before you rush out to snag your treat, check out these other promotions for this week only.  (And read about a chance to help make dreams come true!)

Kahala (the company behind ColdStone Creamery) has always had success with its free ice cream promotions.  Past years’ efforts have dished out millions of creations and have managed to raise over $2.8 million for the Make-A-Wish Foundation.  This year, they have decided to expand into all of their restaurant brands, and with a free treat every weeknight, it could be really successful!

Here’s the windup:

“Monday, Sept. 22 – Samurai Sam's: a free grilled eggroll

Tuesday, Sept. 23 – Blimpie: a free 3-inch cold turkey sub

Wednesday, Sept. 24 – TacoTime: a free small order of Mexi-Fries®

Thursday, Sept. 25 – Cold Stone Creamery: a choice of two 3-ounce ice cream Creations:

Emily's Creation – Nutter Butter® ice cream mixed with yellow cake, Kit Kat® and white chocolate chips or Jack's Creation – Marshmallow ice cream mixed with OREO® cookies, chocolate chips and fudge

Friday, Sept. 26 – Great Steak and Potato Company: a free small Great Fry

Participating US stores only. Please call to verify participation. Not valid in TacoTime stores in IN, MI, IA, CO and the Seattle area. Not valid in Blimpie locations within Hess convenience stores.”

And the pitch:

While donations are optional, the folks at Make-A-Wish are hoping you will purchase a paper Wish Star for a buck.  Proceeds go to help see 150 wishes come true for very ill children. 

More info on Make-A-Wish is available at their official website.  (Thanks to Frugal, Freebies and Deals for the heads up via Twitter.)

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You had me at Cold Stone Creamery. But free stuff and a good cause? Count me in!

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My son is currently battling an inoperable brain tumor. Make-a-Wish is allowing him to get his wish at the end of October, when we are going to Walt Disney World. The opportunity to go for a week and be completely carefree, to forget about his condition (as much as we can) and not think about medical bills is priceless.

Please, take a moment and buy a paper wish star. Also, I'd like to put a plug in for Perkins. They are raising support for Give Kids the World, a village where Make-a-Wish families stay while they are in Florida.

Thank You!

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God Bless your family and may your son beat this tumor.

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Thank you for sharing your story and reminding all of us how little it takes to make a big impression on a child's life!  May your trip be blessed! 

Linsey Knerl

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That's awesome. I love the Make-A-Wish foundation. Some close friends of mine had a daughter diagnosed with cancer. They didn't expect her to live and Make-A-Wish came and built her a tree fort type of thing. It was awesome. Years later, she ended up barely surviving the cancer and is a healthy young lady now.

Anytime I can find the opportunity, I try to donate to them. I have the Bank of America Make-A-Wish Debit Card. I've bought Make-A-Wish cards for a particular card game I used to play. They are a great organization.