Free magazine subscriptions for all.

It’s not a joke. It’s not a trick. Every month, my family receives tons of magazines — all without paying one cent for any of them.

I came across the site several years ago, and I’ve been a loyal customer ever since. Freebizmag, as the name implies, offers professional, industry, and trade magazine subcriptions at no cost to you. The site takes your information and treats you like a member of the trade. Here’s the complete write up:

Freebizmag offers free business magazine subscriptions, free trade magazines, free white papers, free eBooks, free user guides, and more. Search our inventory of over 250 business magazines and over 3,000 free downloadable white papers. Get the latest information for your professional industry and talked about trends that will inform your decision-making and get you ahead in your career. Regarding trade publications, the publisher reserves the right to serve subscriptions to only those individuals who meet the publication qualifications. Qualification is determined by the publisher; all you have to do is complete a few easy survey questions.

In a nutshell, they match you with magazines based on your profile and send you free subscriptions. It’s all paid for — they don’t take your credit card or bank details, and you get a whole bunch of great mags for nada. I suspect the idea for the publisher is to spread the word about the magazine you’re reading to other professionals, and thus increase readership. To be honest, I really don’t care why the publishers are doing it. I’m just happy I’m getting all the trade magazines I want for free.

When you join up, you may find the offers for free subscriptions come a little slow at first. But after time, you’ll be getting that email from freebizmag regularly. Depending on your profile, you’ll receive different magazines than others using the same service. A stay-at-home mom will receive a different set of subscription offers than an accountant. But the magazines are all top quality, latest issue releases.

I’ve worked out that over the last three years, I’ve received several thousand dollars worth of magazines. When my family is done reading them, we take them to an appropriate place to be recycled. For some magazines, it’s our GPs office or our dentist. For others, it’s to the recycling bin. But regardless, we’ve enjoyed some great new publications at no cost to us. Give a try. You’ll be surprised at just how much you save in a small amount of time. Read on!

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thank you thank you thank you! i'm always looking for free or cheap magazine subs, but have never heard fo this site before. thanks for the lead!

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I was getting a little tired of being billed for my magazines. :)

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I'm down with the freebizmag as well. Rare is a day I don't get a magazine. In fact, I highly recommend that folks who have not, read my free-stuff post for some tips that will come in handy with that particular site.

I also have several other mag sites up my sleeve. I'll share when I am feeling more generous!

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Wow! This is a kind of magazine subscription that anybody shouldn't miss! Where else can we have magazine subscriptions for free?! This is definitely the right thing to switch on especially if we have so many bills to pay. Every magazine lover really needs a magazine but it doesn't have to be expensive :D

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Publishers do this to increase the value of their adverts.

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Wow! Thanks for the great tip, this looks too good to be true. However, I'm at a bit of a loss as to how I answer the prompts on the website, in order to receive the magazines I want. I don't recognize any of the magazines that have been coming up... I'm interested in Fashion and culture, but I don't want (or need) "Kitchen & Bath News". Do I just put in whatever seems relevant and hope that in time, they'll find me a good one?

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Hi. I would definitely be very 'creative' with the profile you use. If you're interested in those kind of magazines, perhaps put something closer to that in your profession, such as fashion designer, fashion journalism, that kind of thing. That should get you nearer the mark. But to be honest, it's more a case of time. I got fairly irrelevant offers, and still do. Just pick the ones that interest you. You'll get fashion and culture mag offers, I do.

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Plaese send me radar magzine

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Hi am a engineer, working on radars, can you please send me a free subscription copy of radar magazine

Thank you

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Thank you for your attention in this matter.


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pleease i wanna know

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