FREE movie tickets to Peaceful Warrior


Cinematical has just reported that Peaceful Warrior, a film by Victor Salva and starring Nick Nolte, is going to be involved in an almost $15 million ticket giveaway. It's in association with Best Buy (who's image needs some refurbishment after its recent Intranet scandal).

If the movie sounds familiar, it's because it was actually released last year by Lionsgate to very poor reviews, and even poorer grosses. So, in an effort to inject new life into the movie, those cunning marketing bods have allocated almost all of the marketing budget to free tickets. The movie got pretty awful reviews on Rotten Tomatoes , but if you fancy a free movie and have nothing else to do, you may as well bag some tickets.

To grab yours, go to the Best Buy website from this Sunday until the April 1st cut-off date. The film will hit your local theaters on March 30th. As always, that great resource Fandango will show you when and where it's playing. So, mark your calendars for March 18th and get your set of free tickets while you can.

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How bad is your image when a step up is promoting a film directed by a convicted pedophile?