Free Music Lessons Online! For now...

Ever paid for private music lessons? Pricey, no? I know that my accordian lessons got to be too much for my feeble salary to cover.

Now, you can learn music online. Through You Tube! Video lessons, all for free. Or at least, until tomorrow, when You Tube is ordered to take the lessons down.

Lots of musicians offer online video lessons, either on You Tube or through You Tube in conjunction with their online learning web sites. As explained on NPR, these videos may or may not remain online for your personal use, depending on whether or not the posters are required to take them down due to copyright. You see, most of the chords and songs that they cover are under copyright, and, well, we all know how the music industry feels about copyright infringement.

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Janet Austin

Learning music online is really very helpful for those who can not find time to join any music school.

Thanks for sharing youtube link.
Music School La

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This is great way for those who can not find time to join music class to learn music.

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There are a few hundred free saxophone lessons on the Music Education for All YouTube Channel - - ideal for the intermediate player looking to polish and add to their skill-set.