Free Stuff and Coupons for New Parents


If you are a parent, there are a variety of online resources where you can get free stuff, including hundreds of dollars in coupons, samples, and more. Don't miss out — having a baby is so expensive that you'll want to save money every way you can. (See also: What a New Baby Really Needs)

1. Baby to Bee

Baby to Bee is a website and email list that offers pregnancy and baby articles, brand samples, coupons, and more.

2. Pampers Gifts to Grow

Pampers puts reward codes on every box of diapers and wipes. You can sign up online and enter those codes. Once you have enough of them, you can redeem them for free stuff. I have personally redeemed codes for free Leap Pad books for my daughter. Pampers also regularly offers free Gifts to Grow codes. You can subscribe to our free daily Best Deals Newsletter to get those codes when they are available.

3. Huggies

Huggies offers a similar program to Pampers, but it isn't quite as good; mostly because their website rarely works. If you prefer the Huggies brand, though, it's one to check out, and it's free.

4. Similac StrongMoms

Similac is one of the best companies out there as far as freebies and discounts go. If you sign up with them you will regularly get $5+ coupons and samples.

5. Gerber

Gerber has a variety of offers on its website. This includes an email list that will net you over $100 in coupons, special offers on Gerber life insurance, and even offers on clothing.

6. Enfamil

Enfamil is currently offering up to $250 in free gifts, plus coupons, when you sign up with them online.

7. Amazon Mom (& Caregiver)

Sign up and get mega discounts on diapers, formula, and even three months of free two-day shipping. Check out the benefits of the subscribe and save options coupled with the Amazon Mom 30% discount. You can get your essentials nearly half price in some cases, all with free shipping. It's an excellent deal.

8. Earth's Best

Earth's Best offers many free coupons, samples, and resources. Try the Earth's Best free gift packs, printable coupons, and the Share-n-Save program.

9. SnapFish

Sign up with SnapFish online and get your first roll of film delivered free, plus store your photos online for free, and share them with your friends and family.

10. Shutterfly

Sign up with Shutterfly, and get 50 free prints. You can store your photos forever with them, and there is no limit to space. They also have a quick website designer (free) that features your photos for family and friends to share and order. I personally love Shutterfly because I can order my prints online and have them sent to my local Target or Walgreens for pickup. They also frequently run free and discounted offers for their existing customers, and I use them every year to design holiday presents with photos of my kids on them. The grandparents love them.

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Meg Favreau's picture

I'm not a parent yet myself, but I'll definitely be checking out the SnapFish and Shutterfly freebies.

Does anybody else have suggestions for new-parent freebies and coupons?

Brooke Kaelin's picture

I love Shutterfly - that freebie is definitely great for everyone!

One thing that I forgot to put in the article is to make sure new parents combine all those coupons they will get in the mail with the RedPlum and Smart Source inserts in the paper each Sunday, AND with a store sale if possible. You can really save a lot of money that way, and it only takes a few minutes each week.

Guest's picture

the site called Baby to Bee is mostly a scam selling other products and you get a LOT of spam afterward.

Brooke Kaelin's picture

I appreciate the comment - we would never want to direct people someplace that wasn't beneficial!

Guest's picture

I checked the Earth's Best website 3 days after this article was printed and (1) three of the four coupons had expired and (2) I did not find any free gift packs. The gift packages were around $34 each.

Brooke Kaelin's picture

Thanks for the head's up! I'll see what we can do about getting the article updated to reflect this. I know Earth's Best rotates their offers, so you may want to try back in a month or so to see if they have any new freebies available.

Guest's picture

We are a one income family expecting our third girl this December and will have 2 in diapers. We are saving lots of money using cloth diapers, I mainly buy one size cloth diapers that fir birth-35lbs (potty training age) and they save us big bucks. I have invested about $600 total and will use them for our third girl as well. I also make my own wipes out of baby receiving blankets or old flannel pajamas and it has helped immensely. I only wash the diapers 2x a week and my water bill has only gone up a few bucks a month. I wish I would have done cloth diapers with my first. That's my two cents!