Free Taco Oct. 30


Whether you're a baseball fan or not, Boston Red Sox rookie Jacoby Ellsbury's stolen base Thursday affects you. Because of him, you can get a free taco.

OK, it's only a 77-cent value, but I like tacos. It's part of a Taco Bell promotion called "Steal a Base. Steal a Taco."

The fine print: The giveaway is between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. ONLY, Tuesday, Oct. 30. Crunchy seasoned beef taco. Take it or leave it.

 There are a couple/few games left in the Series, which means opportunities for more free tacos, but don't get your hopes up. Neither team is known for its speedsters, according to an ABC News report.


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That's pretty cool Carrie, thanks.

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Ellsbury is practically guaranteed to steal another base before the end of the series, especially since the "stolen base" was actually a balk. He steals bases like candy from a baby.

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Wow...that's a pretty random promotion but free is free. Too bad I missed it. Not sure I'd have gone out of way just to get one free taco though!