Frequent Flyer Junkie? Manage your Miles Here

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It's a daunting world of rewards programs out there. From frequent flyer miles with every major airline, to hotel reward programs, to individual store loyalty plans, not to mention credit card rewards programs and the like. If you become a collector of them all, you need a huge wallet to house all your cards, and an even bigger chunk of time to track all your points plans.

Enter It is a free service designed to help you track all your rewards programs. In one easy place you can track miles accumulated for multiple plans, swap miles between programs, and earn extra miles by utilizing their online shopping program.

There are bonuses for signing up, and you can process any of the redemption transactions you would with any of the individual plans, including redeeming for gift cards, giving miles as a gift, booking hotels, and oh yeah - flights too. The only requirement is that you must be a member of the rewards plans to begin with; you can't use to enrol in new programs. However once you are a member you can add new plans to your profile whenever you wish.

So all you points junkies out there, rejoice! There is an easy way to figure out how quickly you can get on that plane to your next dream destination.

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Xin Lu

I actually manage mine on Bank of America's My Portfolio, which is linked into Yodlee.  I think on you can trade certain points for other kinds of points, but they take a cut when you swap the miles between programs.

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I didn't know there was even any place you could do this, the information itself if pretty cool. The membership and rewards program thing is something I haven't used since I lived on Guam, where even one flight home qualified you for something significant.

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Good advice! I let several thousand accumulated miles exipire after building them up at my last job. I was kicking myself the next time I had to actually pay for a ticket!

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P. Angelo

I use leverage card, which also provides these resources. It most important that the site I am using is secure, with good service and leverage provides that. They have a great collection of affiliate programs, I even have my kids' Coke Rewards program up there.

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There is a new website that we’ve created where you can reward yourself by turning loyalty points and miles into cash and get the flight you want, when you want. is the first person-to-person global marketplace where you can get cash for the points and miles you’ve accumulated as a member of loyalty programs.

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So, get to as soon as you can, take a few minutes to register, then enjoy SHOPPING or TURNING YOUR POINTS AND MILES INTO CASH for FREE.

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Well I dumped Bank O America a few months ago and got a Chase account. They offered $175 for opening a new account at a new branch. Hello. I got a miles debit/credit card. So, I choose credit and get the miles. So far, I have a vacation to Australia planned. I dumped Bank 0 America, because they offer the "keep the change" so it rounds the purchase to the whole amout and put into a saving account. The after 6 months they start charging you fee for the account. Very sneaky/dirty thing to do. Bye Bye BAC.

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Thanks for the article. I have an account on Recently I discovered they are much more superior in loyalty program tracking. I highly recommend their service.

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@Matt - I've heard good things about AwardWallet. So far I don't mind, but I know it doesn't have a lot of raving fans! What makes AwardWallet better in your eyes?