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Sharon Harvey Rosenberg has fine tastes and a small budget. She is the author of "How to Live Well and Save Money" and is a newspaper columnist.

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Don't be a package of nerves. Just have fun. Here's a list of frugal activities that don’t involve shopping and could save money.

25 Frugal Things I Do, 4 Spendthrift Confessions

On a regular basis, I review, update and fine-tune my list of 25 Frugal Habits. Home-made spa treatments and a cable-free home are a few of my top money-saving habits. Recycling, e

The Power of Change: A Frugal Move to Wise Bread

The Frugal Duchess moves to Wise Bread to save time, money and energy. Professional, shopping and creative co-ops are frugal uses of time, talent, money and resources. Sometimes yo

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Every day, I use public transpiration to commute to my day job. The arrangement saves money, reduces my carbon footprint and actually helps me to earn extra money. Here’s how, I g

The Best Book I've Ever Read About Making Changes Stick

"Small Change" is a money-saving, life-altering book. Here's the book's formula for making changes stick and how I've used it to change my life.

Telling My Daughter the Truth about Her New 'Friend,' The Salesclerk!

At the risk of hurting my baby's feelings, I had to tell her that the cool teenager in the 'tween-age clothing store was not really a friend. The 16-year-old salesclerk --so cute,

10 Hidden Costs & Rules of Pet Ownership

Here's what adoption agencies and pet shops don't tell you about your future pet. Find out these hidden rules & costs of owning pets before you bring home your furry friend.

How to Get Free Wi-Fi at Airports That Charge for Internet Connections

If you're stuck at an airport that charges for Internet connections, here's a solution: Go to the gift shop and ask for a a free Wi-Fi pass.

Free Databases and Manuals at Public Libraries

Your library's online portal is filled with valuable resources that could save time and money. Free car repair manuals, do-it-yourself roof repair guides and language lessons are a

How I'm Conquering My Bag Lady Fears: My 10-Step Program

What keeps me up late at night? I worry about becoming a bag lady. And I have plenty of company; a lot of women (and some men also)have secret fears about living on the streets wit

How I Averted an Emotional Spending Binge: My Six-Step Program

When you're tired or feeling blue it is easy to fall prey to emotional spending. Here's my six-point strategy for avoiding frivolous spending when you are at your most vulnerable.

15 Low Cost Ways to Beat Stress

Emotional spending and expensive junk food binges -- budget busters -- are often triggered by stress. Here are 15 ideas for diminishing stress without spending a lot of money.

Mommy I'm Bored: 25 Frugal Ways to Beat Summer Boredom

My 9-year-old daughter does not start camp until later this month. This means I have to entertain her or endure a steady chorus of: Mommy, I'm Bored! Here's what we're doing to cu

I Won't Eat or Spend While Standing Up

When we make big purchases or large financial commitments -- a car, a home, college tuition -- at some point in that process, we actually have to sit down. Why don't do we do that

I Earned 20% More After Reading This Book

Within the last 30 days, I've increased my monthly income by about 20 percent and I give credit to to a book from 1944: How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie. In t

10 Classes to Boost Earning & Savings Power

Education is one of the best ways to improve your financial situation. Here is my list of the 10 best classes that would boost my earnings and increase my savings.

Cheap and Easy Repairs for Wardrobe Malfunctions

At work, parties or other formal occasions, wardrobe malfunctions can be expensive. Sudden downpours, popped buttons and scuffed shoes can lead to quick-fix shopping sprees or expe

Wash It Yourself & Other Ways to Save Money on Organic Fruits, Veggies

My children appreciate the added flavor in organic fruits, vegetables and dairy products. Unfortunately, organic products are expensive. The following strategies have helped us to