Frugal Mother’s Day Gift Ideas from Bargain Babe

Julia Scott, aka Bargain Babe, is a classic example of someone who can balance the low-cost of frugal living with the time and effort needed to make life meaningful.  Tonight’s interview with her on Blog Talk Radio is full of practical ideas for showing Mom how much you care, (without looking like a total slacker, of course!) 

Bargain Babe has been blogging bargains and giving frugal living advice for a long time.  It’s something she was born to do.  Even though she is not a Mom, she knows how to impress them, and so it was no surprise that she had a pocketful of ideas for crafting warm and expressive Mother’s Day gifts from (almost) thin air!  In addition to her clever guide to spending little to nothing this holiday, she shares her insight on some pretty timely topics, including vacations, staycations, and how to build those family memories. 

Please join us live tonight at 8pm CST on Blog Talk Radio.  We’ll be chatting with Julia to find out what else she’s working on, and if you’re one of those last-minute shoppers with no clue what you’ll be buying for Mother’s Day, we can save you some dough! 

(Read more about Julia at her website and see her recent article at MediaBistro!)


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