Get Cash Back by Caring for Others


I recently discovered a website that offers cash refunds on an assortment of items that I use every day. The Caregivers Marketplace ( is the nation's first cash-back program for anyone who gives, gets, or needs care.


What does this mean for you? The website offers money back on purchases of items in the home healthcare environment: blood pressure monitors, body fat scales and nebulizers. It also gives a buck or two back on purchases of things we would be more inclined to buy at my house, including infant diapers, training pants, and flushable wipes! Those of you who take vitamins and other health supplements will find that many of them are listed too.


The participating brands are limited at this time, but if you already use Huggies or Citrucel, than you’re in luck! To take advantage of the rebates, simply enroll online, save your receipts, and mail in a minimum of five (5) refunds per request. There is no limit to the number of requests you can make!


Combining these rebates with store specials can add up to some additional savings for those of us with staggering diaper bills. The program is free and participation seems painless. I’m looking forward to adding a few more dollars to my wallet.

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Myscha Theriault's picture

I've never heard of this one. I'll have to check it out. Thanks.

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I wish I had known about this sooner while my parents and I were caring for my grandma at home, it would have been really helpful! I'll remember this for people I know who are or will be caregivers.

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