Get Free High-End Haircuts as a Hair Model


Are you one of those people who has a long-standing relationship with your hairdresser? Do you regard your coiffeur as one of your confidants?

Personally, I've never felt that kind of attachment, towards a hairdresser anyway. It just goes against my spending nature. Right now, my budget is tighter than my thighs in Spanx. (See also: How to Sell Your Hair for Cash)

But if you find yourself tightening your belt at the same time your salon has increased its prices, you might want to do what I do; give your wallet a break, and have a friendly affair with a new stylist. No need to feel guilty about changing hairdressers for a day.

And cost? What cost? Paying less doesn't mean you won't get more. Au contraire! As a hair model, you can get a high-class haircut for cheap — or free. (See also: Sitting Pretty: How to Get Salon Services for Free)

For example, I use the hair care services at the world class salons of Frederic Fekkai, where services are provided for free or at a fraction of their regular cost in exchange for the use of your lovely locks during workshop days. I've enjoyed many luxury hair experiences primarily at the Manhattan locations, and each time I've received a customized cut to suit my lifestyle.

There are three Frederic Fekkai locations in New York and more across the U.S. — but Frederic isn't the only game in town. There are other high end hair salons with similar hair modeling programs. Bumble and Bumble, Festoon, and Ouidad are just a few. And if you just don't have the heart to switch hairdressers, check with your current salon about their ongoing training programs. You could end up being a hair model for your own stylist. Also check your own salon's website or Facebook fan page for upcoming opportunities.

There are some general guidelines to follow when you're hair modeling. For starters, here's the skinny on becoming a Fekkai model.

1. Register for the Program Online

For Frederic Fekkai, you'll need to attach a headshot with the simple, one page registration form, so have a photograph ready to upload (candid shots are fine).

2. Be Flexible, and Keep Close to Your Inbox

Appointments are booked by a representative of the Frederic Fekkai education team, and everything is handled via email. Once registered, you will be sent a list of available times and dates for services to choose from. Respond quickly (as in immediately), and await confirmation.

3. Be Patient

Workshops fill up very quickly and it may be weeks (or longer) before scheduling a mutually convenient appointment for the service you want. Hair models are needed for blow outs, haircuts, as well as hair color.

4. Get Excited, and Don't Be Scared!

While the person who styles your hair might be new to the Fekkai team, a well seasoned Creative Director always oversees, ensuring a gorgeous outcome, promise.

5. Be Prompt

Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment. Unforeseen things can and do happen. Stylists get the flu, too. Models are taken on a first come, first served basis, and workshops fill up fast. If you aren't there on time, you could get bumped.

6. Be Reasonable, and Don't Be Greedy

While most services are free, gratuities are gladly accepted. At Frederic Fekkai, if you are having single process hair color, there is a $10 fee, payable in cash. Salon services are limited to once every three months. (See also: What Are Your Tipping Rules?)

7. Lose the Guilt, and Eat Something!

Once you have a great new style, you'll forget all that nonsense about cheating on your hairdresser. And, you'll have plenty left in your purse for a really nice lunch. (See also: 47 Cheap, Fun Things to Do This Weekend)

Have you ever taken advantage of a Frederic Fekkai or other salon's free workshop? Were you happy with the result?

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Guest's picture

It looks like you're talking about two different things here: 1. Getting your hair cut on a practice day by hairdressing students, and 2. Getting your hair cut with the purpose of being a hair model.

I agree that I've had friends who have gotten pretty decent cuts by students, if you don't want anything fancy. As a hair model, on the other hand, you lose complete control. I had a friend who modelled hairstyles, and while she was always a fashionable sort of person, sometimes the hairstyles were just... weird. Once they shaved off her eyebrows to "complete a look." And then you need to get photographed or maybe even live-model your 'do before a crowd of people. Not everyone wants to do this. I, certainly, wouldn't have to confidence to walk around with, say, half my head buzz-cut because that's the style this month.

Linda Condrillo's picture

Hair modeling experiences vary among salons. At Frederic Fekkai, the workshops are a luxury experience performed by working stylists (not students). My experience there has always been a customized look to suit my lifestyle. At other salon modeling workshops there may be limited choices of styles and color sessions, and it's always best to get all the details before agreeing to participate as a hair model.

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