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By Will Chen on 29 April 2009 1 comment

I'm thrilled to announce that Wise Bread's money saving book 10,001 Ways to Live Large on a Small Budget will be available everywhere on May 18th! 

Thank you everyone for making this possible.  Every comment, tweet, email, link or tip you've ever shared brought us one step closer to this book. We are just regular folks who like to save money.  We are excited and humbled by the whole idea of becoming "published' authors.  Thank you for making our dreams come true.

There will be more details in upcoming weeks.  But first, advance review copies!

Advance Copies For Reviewers

If you are a journalist or blogger interested in reviewing the book, please email us at with "review copy request" in the subject line. Please also include your name, mailing address, and a link to the website or blog where the review will be featured.  Our writers are also available for interviews, so please feel free to throw out suggestions.

This offer is not limited to finance/consumer writers.  Our book covers lots of different ways to save money on entertianment, travel, cooking, health, beauty, green iving, education, career advice, lifehacks etc.

Our publisher has the final say on how many review copies get sent out, but we'll try to accommodate as many reviewers as possible.

Like, the book will be filled with savvy tips from our community of bloggers.  I would like to thank all of them for working tirelessly to make this the best book possible:

Featured Guest Authors

The Digerati Life is a mom of two with a background in software engineering and development, who is currently self-employed in the realm of web publishing. She runs several popular websites, including and, which focuses on general personal finance, investing, small business, debt management and consumer issues.





J.D. is an average guy who found himself with over $35,000 in consumer debt. Using the timeless principles of smart money management, he turned his life around. Three years later, he was debt-free and writing one of the most popular personal-finance sites on the internet:, named “most inspiring money blog” by Money magazine.

Leo Babauta is the author of The Power of Less and the productivity blog, one of the top 100 most popular blogs in the world. He is considered by many to be one of the leading experts on simple living and productivity. A former journalist and freelance writer of 18 years, Leo is a husband and father of six children, and lives on the island of Guam where he leads a very simple life.

Trent Hamm is the author of the book 365 Ways to Live Cheap and editor of 1001 Ways to Make Money If You Dare. He writes daily articles on frugality and money management at Trent lives in rural Iowa with his wife and two children.

Sharon Harvey Rosenberg, an award-winning journalist and blogger, writes the Frugal Duchess column that appears weekly in the Miami Herald and regularly in other newspapers. She also writes the daily Frugal Duchess blog (, which is one of the top-ranked frugal-living, personal finance blogs. Her work has been mentioned in People, Black Enterprise and the Wall Street Journal Online. In 2008, she published The Frugal Duchess: How to Live Well and Save Money.

Wise Bread Authors in the Book

Andrea Dickson picture

Andrea Dickson is a writer based in Seattle, WA. Andrea graduated from Mount Holyoke College with a B.A. in Chinese Studies, so becoming a writer was sort of an accident. She should be working in import/export, according to her father. Andrea enjoys discovering and writing about little-known facts about everyday things. Her general laziness provides her with the impetus to seek out money-saving tips that require minimal effort.

Carrie Kirby picture

Carrie Kirby embraced the frugal life when she left her job as a reporter at The San Francisco Chronicle to become a stay-at-home mother and freelance writer. She specializes in jaw-dropping grocery deals and working drugstore rewards programs, and writes about her exploits at Shoplifting With Permission. Her work has also appeared in Cookie, Parenting and Wired.

David DeFranza picture

David DeFranza is the producer of the Discovery Channel’s He has spent months at a time wandering around remote corners of the world, living off a paltry savings extended by a dedication to frugality. When he is not traveling, David spends his time in Washington, DC, hoarding his pennies and dreaming of the next adventure. He writes about travel and frugal living, sharing tips and experiences that help make the dream a reality.

Greg Go picture

Greg Go quit his cushy corporate job to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams full-time in 2006. He is Technology Director of Wise, and uses the site daily to keep his financial house in order. Greg also helps others make a living off the Internet as the Guide to Online Business. He loves to work in pajamas from his home in Los Angeles.

Julie Rains picture

Julie Rains holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Kenan-Flagler Business School and a Certificate in Technology and Communication, School of Journalism and Mass Communication, both from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She is an experienced business writer and a Certified Professional Résumé Writer. Her work appears in the career-services books Expert Résumés for Military-to-Civilian Transitions, No-Nonsense Cover Letters, and Résumés for the Rest of Us: Secrets from the Pros for Jobseekers with Unconventional Career Paths.

Linsey Knerl picture

Linsey Knerl. Born and raised in a small Nebraska town, Linsey has experienced first-hand just how complicated the “simple life” can be. Staying on-budget isn’t just a desire for her rural family, it is a survival skill that she acquired early on and loves sharing with her readers. Linsey’s savvy tips can be found on Wal-Mart’s Elevenmoms community, Wise Bread’s official radio show, and in various publications like the New York Times, Christian Science Monitor, and the Seattle Times.

Lynn Truong picture

Lynn Truong is the Managing Editor of Wise, dedicated to its motto of living large on a small budget. Her passion for writing and entrepreneurial spirit inspired her to leave her job at CBS/King World to make her mark in the blogosphere. Lynn has spoken at BlogHer and Blog World Expo conventions to share her expertise in online publishing.

Margaret Garcia-Couoh picture

Margaret Garcia-Couoh is a writer/mother/professor who lives in the northern Sierra Mountains with a husband, two kids and cats. A dedicated telecommuter, she comes off the mountain only for Thai food, thrift stores, and Japanese stationary. You can follow her exploits at her blog Tales of a Sierra Madre.

Myscha Theriault picture

Myscha Theriault. Born and raised in Maine, Myscha has a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and spent much of her teaching career overseas before launching the education website The Lesson Machine. She and her husband used savvy personal finance strategies to start their own business, live debt free, and travel the world. Myscha writes extensively about travel, education, personal finance, food, spirits and wine. Her articles and advice have been featured by Wall Street Journal Online, USA Today, and the Miami Herald.

Nor Dunn picture

Nora Dunn is a Professional Hobo and International Freelance Writer, having traveled the world full-time since 2007 and continuing to enjoy life with no fixed address. With a background as a Certified Financial Planner, she enjoys preparing for tomorrow, but not at the expense of realizing her dreams today. You can learn more about her whereabouts and latest adventures at The Professional Hobo.

Paul Michael picture

Paul Michael. Born and raised in England, and now living in Colorado, Paul is a professional advertising copywriter with a degree in Visual Communication. His inside knowledge of marketing has helped him create a better life for his wife Nicole and their two girls. If there are deals around, he’ll find them.

Sarah Winfrey picture

Sarah Winfrey comes to freelance writing with a background in Spiritual Formation. She loves playing with words and writes about everything, though she prefers spirituality, relationships, and personal finance. You can find her in her cheap, fabulous apartment with her husband in Whittier, CA, or on the web at

Thursday Bram picture

Thursday Bram’s freelance writing career lead her directly to frugality: managing a less than stable income has given her plenty of chances to learn about managing her money. She also writes about personal finance and small business topics all over the web, including, and more. Thursday blogs about the business of freelance writing at

Will Chen picture

Will Chen (hey that's me!) is the marketing director for Wise, a thriving community of talented writers and savvy consumers. A well-respected social media consultant, Will is a top 20 Digg contributor and an active member of several popular blog networks. His writings and insights have been featured on CNN, Forbes, USA Today, Fox News, Newsweek, Houston Chronicle, and, among others.

Xin Lu picture

Xin Lu graduated from the University of California, Berkeley in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering and computer science. She works as a software release engineer in the Silicon Valley and writes about personal finance and the world in her spare time. She lives with her husband in Redwood City, California.

For more information about the book, check out its official website.


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Wow, congratulations! I'm sure the book will be awesome. Can't wait to read it!