Get Paid for your Psychic Skills at Predictify

By Xin Lu on 16 April 2008 7 comments

My ex-coworker told me that he is interviewing at a startup called Predictify . He showed me their website and I was intrigued. Basically, the company lets you predict the outcomes of events that happen in the future, and if you are accurate about the outcome you could get paid for it. I decided to try it out.

At Predictify you can stake your prediction on a variety of events including the outcomes of elections or the sale price of a house. You can even add questions you want answered for free. Each of the premium questions have a payout pot amount and a limit on how many people could guess. You also have to give a little demographic information such as gender and age, but the data collected is not linked to you personally. It is basically like taking an anonymous survey.

For the questions with no payout, you earn community points and also rankings for your predictions. It is also fun to try out your divination skills and interact with people who care about the same issues. With your prediction you can add a comment explaining why you submitted your guess and you can change your prediction as long as the poll is not closed.

The payout you receive at Predictify depends on how accurate your are and how early you sent out your prediction. So far two of my predictions closed and I was so off that I earned nothing. The top player right now has won over $200 and has participated in over 2000 predictions. I only participate in the premium questions so I have only done a few. There are new issues added every day and premium issues tend to be fill up quite quickly. This site definitely will not make a lot of money for you, but it is fun and you could get a little bit of pocket change.

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yes, this is for entertainment purposes. It is NOT a way to earn any amount of money; it's a scam in that respect.
The woman who earned #200 probably is in on the scam.

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Ridiculous quest there. What happened after? Thanks!

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I thought it was fun... Disappointing though on the ones you'd have to wait years to find out about hehe

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So I can finally gamble on stuff I have an interest in?

How is this different from ?

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This is just a timewasting game. If it's fun, well and good, but 'Get paid' doesn't belong in the headline for this article. 'Getting paid' to me means getting a reasonable return for my investment of time and skill.

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I am George from Washington. I came to know about Predictify by reading the foru. It is very interesting to know about the future and get paid for it. I have few doubts, please share with me your comments.

George Bush

Hey guys came across this get paid to site a couple weeks ago and thought id try them out.

Didn't do much with them to test. I got a check yesterday from them for $38 bucks.

I will be using them more now that I have gotten paid.

check it out yourself

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This sounds like pure guess work to me no psychic ability necessary.