Get Some Rest!

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In an unofficial survey, 99% of my friends said they need more rest. By "rest," I don't mean sleep, but time that is refreshing and rejuvenating, time that gives and does not take away. When I asked these friends this question, they readily admitted needing more rest and knew what it would change for them. Some said they'd be better able to focus. Others said they would be more productive or more flexible. Someone even said they wouldn't spend a much money because they'd have better control over those impulses.

Whatever your reason for needing more rest (and my survey says you probably do!), here are 88 creative ways to get it.

  1. Make a cup of tea.
  2. Drink it while looking out a window.
  3. Relax your tongue and jaw (your whole neck will unwind!).
  4. Wear clothes that make you feel happy.
  5. Close your eyes for a couple of minutes.
  6. Take a deep breath.
  7. Turn on some relaxing music (whatever that is for you)!
  8. Smile at the next person you see.
  9. Roll your head from side to side and stretch your neck muscles.
  10. Take a short walk (even if it's just around your office or your den).
  11. Change your desktop background to something that makes you feel peaceful.
  12. Make a corner of your desk into a relaxation nook with a plant and a candle, or some figurines.
  13. Think of someone who loves you.
  14. Arrange to see something new or have a new experience.
  15. Eat good food.
  16. Drink good ______ (whatever floats your boat).
  17. Play some quiet backgrount music.
  18. Make love to someone you love.
  19. Make art.
  20. Sing.
  21. Keep mementoes of times that gave you life and keep them nearby.
  22. Stay warm.
  23. Go for a walk.
  24. Work up a sweat.
  25. Feel whatever is inside.
  26. Marvel at the star on the inside of an apple.
  27. Say "No" to something you would normally do.
  28. Notice and enjoy the feeling of sunlight on your face.
  29. Let someone who loves you hold you. Ask them to, if necessary.
  30. Stop somewhere that is out of your way, but fun.
  31. Stay off the internet for a period of time.
  32. Turn off the TV.
  33. Be silly with the people you love. Tickle them to get them in the mood.
  34. Dance to your favorite music.
  35. Close your eyes and, for just a moment, be fully present in the present.
  36. Learn something kooky (like how to ride a unicycle or walk on your hands).
  37. Have coffee with someone you haven't seen in a while.
  38. Take some time to find the tense places in your body and focus on relaxing them.
  39. Notice something in detail, like a leaf or a blade of grass.
  40. Pay attention to what you're smelling or touching, instead of to what you're feeling and hearing.
  41. Stretch your fingers and wrists.
  42. Let your mind wander.
  43. Take 5 minutes and do nothing.
  44. Incorporate color into a project or a place where you wouldn't normally use it.
  45. Put something in order.
  46. Refrain from putting something in order.
  47. Get out of the office.
  48. Get out of the house.
  49. Eat somewhere new for lunch.
  50. Surprise someone you love with something they love.
  51. Post inspiring quotes and messages to yourself in your work area.
  52. Stop and notice your body. Take care of anything that is wrong.
  53. Talk deeply with a loved one.
  54. Find something that makes you laugh, then laugh and laugh and laugh.
  55. Watch a silly movie.
  56. Put something that smells relaxing near your desk.
  57. Think about what you've accomplished, not what you've missed or what still lies ahead.
  58. Remember what (and who!) you have.
  59. Pick something to splurge on and make a date to do it.
  60. Remember that you're only human.
  61. Make a boundary in a difficult relationship.
  62. Choose to make today as good as possible.
  63. Tell a joke.
  64. Take a moment to put the things that stress you out into context.
  65. Wave at a random person.
  66. Begin to love yourself, even the parts of you that are hurting.
  67. Do your job well.
  68. Make someone's life just a little better.
  69. Change your routine.
  70. Do something bold.
  71. Pet an animal.
  72. Surprise a friend by visiting.
  73. When buying functional items, get the ones that make you happiest.
  74. Pay attention to the weather.
  75. Find a mentor who cares about who you're becoming.
  76. Let someone know that you love them.
  77. Re-read a favorite children's book.
  78. Sit close to someone you love.
  79. Remember your dreams.
  80. Choose to live today, no matter the circumstances.
  81. Make a funny face at an opportune moment.
  82. Ask your co-workers how they are like you really want to know.
  83. Improve your posture.
  84. Chew some minty gum or have a mint.
  85. Read a funny comic.
  86. Breathe out forcefully.
  87. Hit a punching bag (or a pillow).

and last, but not least,

Get some sleep!

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