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Recently a reader here at Wise Bread accused us of being European, citing our proclivity for writing about wine and beer. Mais non, my friend, but indulging in a little of the sauce every now and then is a luxury I'd rather not give up due to budgetary constraints. And I've found a fun way to do it for free, so I will risk name-calling — continental, drunkardly, or otherwise — and share this knowledge with you.

My Open Bar finds all the spots throughout town that offer free (or super cheap) drinks on any given night, and tells you all about them. And it's not just free watered down gimlets at the Elks lodge — these are cool events at cool venues. The kind of thing you know must be going on, but somehow you never manage to get in on. Now you'll know. It might be the KidRobot Mega-event at the Standard Hotel's rooftop bar in downtown Los Angeles, or free bathtub gin from 5:00 to 6:00 at the Blue Owl in the East Village. They cover several metropolitan cities across the country, and you can even sign up for the "Boozeletter" to get the latest haps sent right to your inbox.

This is more than just a glorified Excel spreadsheet though; they've built a hip little community over there. There's a blog chock full of event recaps, music reviews, and random other cool stuff. There's a cobrasnake-like gallery of all the hipsters, beautiful people, and whackjobs enjoying the generosity of others at My Open Bar events. And the fine folks over there encourage you to contribute photos and tips for their motley crew of stingy drunks. And in return, they make the following promise: "We, on our end, will do our best to sell out as fast as we can and get all kinds of lame ads and banners on this piece. Word to yo moms."

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You just replaced Jessica Alba as my favorite person in the world. Booze on!

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Greetings from a fellow thrifty person! This is a phenominal find!

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webmaster -- what you didn't know is that i'm actually a genetically enhanced superhuman prototype.. how you like me now? =)

and thank you, sly. bottoms up!

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"genetically enhanced superhuman prototype.. how you like me now?"

Oh yeah?  Jessica Alba was Mrs. Fantastic!

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fabulous tip!

:p han.