Getting ready for Valentine's Day the Wise Bread way

Haven't started your Valentine's Day planning yet?  Here are more of our favorite Valentine's Day tips to help you get cozy without breaking the bank.  If you need help organizing your special day, check out this Free Date Night Planner from springpad, which can help you put together recipes, make dinner reservations, and plan free activities with your honey.

Getting ready the Wise Bread way

8 cheap date ideas -  Have romantic fun around town without emptying your pockets.

Wise Bread's Valentine's Day iPod Touch giveaway - Imagine surprising your significant other with an iPod Touch! Deadline to enter is 2/10.

5 DIY greeting cards that blow Hallmark away - They're cheaper, more original and way more impressive than anything you can get in the card aisle.

7 beauty secrets that cost almost nothing -  Look good without spending a fortune.

DIY Silk flower brooch - Nordstrom sells them for $60 but you can make one for less than $5.

Wow your honey with an impressive dinner at home - Who wouldn't swoon over a five course meal?

5 tips for eating out cheaply & 5 more tips for eating cheaply - If you are determined to hit an expensive restaurant, these tips can save you a bundle.

5 ways to spend less and love more - Create a spark with that special someone with these fun, cheap ideas.

Skip the diamond - Save your 3+ month salary and avoid this big scam.

Weird things you didn't know about Valentine's Day - Did you know that more than 9 million pet owners are expected to buy gifts for their pets this Valentine's Day?

Looking for love online - Hey, we all have to start somewhere right? Check out our reviews of popular sites like Craigslist and eHarmony before you jump in.

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