Go, Tea, Go: The 10 Best Online Tea Merchants

Calling all tea lovers — not only can you get your earl greys and oolongs online, but you can get virtually hundreds of other delicious teas and exciting tea accessories. These sites make it easy and fun to get your herbal fix. (See also: Why You Should Drink Tea)

Mighty Leaf

There are lots of ways to shop Mighty Leaf, but their bestsellers are a great place to start. This innovative tea company boasts deliciously popular blends including Chamomile Citrus, Ginger Twist, White Orchard, and Organic African Nectar — all starting around $9. Fun collections like the Chocolate Truffle Tea Collection and the Lotus & Camelia Mini Loose Tea Collection — priced at around $30 — make gift ideas easy on you and your wallet. (See also: 25 Useful Gifts)

Adagio Teas

Adagio Teas has all the tea you want, plus cookies and biscuits. Its unique way of price per cup (a cup of Adagio tea's green tea will cost you around 15 cents) and customer ratings make Adagio a particularly smart way to shop for your favorite blends. Try some of their popular teas like the Chai Sampler, the Samurai Sampler, or the Ceylon Sonata, all for a mere 10 cents a cup.


Tevana proclaims itself "the heaven of tea" and truly offers shoppers a celestial selection. Get a can of Japanese Green Tea for $34.95, or try some Chai for $10. Teavana's most popular products include gift sets, teapots, and scrumptious specialty teas like Wonderberry Chocolate Truffle Oolong Tea. With store specials, a tea of the month club, and all the information you could ever want on tea, Teavana really is out of this world.

Rishi Tea

Rishi Tea offers high quality organic and Fair Trade Certified loose leaf teas each season, direct from tea gardens the world over! Conveniently organized by tea, gifts, wholesale, teaware, and experience (a.k.a. their lively-written blog), Rishi will meet your needs with an ethical, organic product. Want a sachet of tea or a tin of loose leaves? Not only does Rishi Tea give you variety, but it'll also give you brewing options. (See also: Cheap Ways to Get Your Caffeine Fix)

Capital Teas

With teas and teaware in spades, Capital Teas can supply you with any of your herbal tea needs. Popular teas include the simpler but upscale organic variety: Cream Earl Grey Black ($7), the Capital Breakfast Organic ($7) or the Mexican Mango Chill Mate ($8). Or stick with a variety of green teas, which sell for a reasonable $7 up to a decadent $5.


With a sleek web interface and the promise of "blends you've might not imagined," Tazo makes tea shopping exciting. Try their bestsellers, which come in convenient "K Cup Packs": Awake English Breakfast, Zen, Calm, and Chai. In addition, Tazo has iced, brewed, and bottled options. The sleek packaging is almost as delightful as the product itself.

ESP Emporium

ESP Emporium has every tea and everything you may ever need for tea. Choose from a wide selection of tea, honey, dishware, rock sugars, and more at ESP Emporium. Popular items include the Ceylon Lavender/Jasmine Black Tea Blend for $5.95, the Passion/Grapefruit Rubioos tea blend for $5.95, or the Japan Kukicha Toasted Green tea for $11.95. Green tea prices vary from $6.95 to $40. Whatever style or grade of tea you want, Esp Emporium's got it.

Stash Tea

Stash has a fun site with fun search features (you can search teas by region). Their bestsellers include Pumpkin Spice Decaf Black Tea for $5.45, Spice Dragon Red Chai Herbal Tea for $2.50, and Meyer Lemon Herbal Tea for $2.50. Want to go green? Premium green teas can range from $2.50 to an indulgent $200, depending on your tea tastes.


From "ancient indulgence" to modern sipability, Tealuxe has been creating tea products that reach new heights in quality and innovation. Get your green teas for a mere $6 a tin, with lots of coupons and sales promotions. With an innovative product comes an innovative site — searches, recipes, and easy ordering put the "luxe" in Tealuxe. (See also: Delicious Homemade Tea Recipes)

The Republic of Tea

With a tea blog and lots of delicious tea recipes and blend ideas, The Republic of Tea will make you feel like you're a mad, tea-drinking genius. The Republic of Tea has a strong library of information on tea, but an even stronger dedication to get you the best tea for your brewing needs. At R of T, they have hundreds of green tea products, averaging at about $20 a can. Drink up!

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Guest's picture

I would add the English Tea Store to the list. The blueberry loose leaf and several of their blends are staples in our house and the prices aren't outrageous either. Great customer service too. :) Preparing my pot right now! (Should I have the Peach Apricot or the Angel's Dream? Or maybe French Blend.. Decisions, decisions. :) )

Guest's picture

Add Harney & Sons to your list. I have always been pleased with my orders. Shipped out quickly.

Guest's picture

+1 for Rishi!

The tea they sell is amazing, plus you can get organic and fair trade tea. I buy all my tea from them, and it's always on my wish list for birthdays and holidays.

Great tasting, and good for you. Not cheap, though...

Guest's picture

Personally, I use Art of Tea most of the time, but I also really like Rishi and Mighty Leaf. I'm not a huge fan of Teavana, though. They're one of the biggest stores, but I've always felt they were a bit overpriced.