Got a Personal Finance Tip or Story? Enter Get Rich Slowly's Contest!

Photo: Sam Getliffe

Our friends over at Get Rich Slowly are running a video contest where readers can share their personal finance tips and success stories for a chance to win $500. The deadline is fast approaching — all entries must by in before the 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time this Sunday, April 15. Check out the contest information page for all the details on how to enter, or take a look at the current entries for some inspiration.

Wise Bread isn't participating in the contest, but in the spirit of it, I made this short video about my one favorite frugal living tip.

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There's some neat entries in the contest already — I look forward to watching yours!

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In other news, we're officially changing our site name from Wise Bread to Wise Pies.

Great video Meg. =)