Guacamole, Wine, and 23 Other Surprisingly Refreshing Popsicle Recipes


It's officially July. Which means it's officially Popsicle Mania.

I use plastic popsicle forms to make all sorts of crazy flavored popsicles, but don't worry: You can alternatively use small paper cups and popsicle sticks (which you can find at craft stores). Amazon also carries a wide selection of popsicle forms. (See also: Why You Should Never Feel Guilty About Eating Ice Cream)

Why make your own 'pops, when they are easy to buy at the store? When my daughter was younger, I liked that I could control the sugar content of the popsicles and avoid food dyes. They are also more economical. There are so many fun flavor combinations, and talk about refreshing during this hot weather!

1. Good 'Ol Coke

When I am really thirsty, I know I should drink water… but sometimes, if I'm also tired and thirsty, I reach for a Coke. I know, it's not a healthy pick-me-up, but dang, it's good. These Coke Float popsicles are totally addictive. We'll just consider them a once-in-a-while treat.

2. Sale on Strawberries?

Sometimes, I get those two-for-one deals and need to use up strawberries quickly. These Strawberry-Kiwi Popsicles are just the ticket. They are almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

3. S'more, Please

These S'mores Popsicles are amazing, but I'd recommend modifying the recipe to add more marshmallows. The first section of the recipe calls for toasting the marshmallows, but I ate some of mine, so had to start over!

4. Think Reese's, on a Stick

Do you like peanut butter cups? If so, you will love these Peanut Butter and Chocolate Popsicles. Make small quantities because you will want to devour them all on the spot.

5. Healthy Yogurt and Roasted Berry

These Roasted Berry and Honey popsicles are delicious. I left out the lemon because the brand of yogurt I bought was already extremely tart. Either way: great treat and zero guilt!

6. Couldn't Be Simpler Bananas

Smash four bananas in a bowl. Add two tablespoons of peanut butter, a quarter cup of chocolate chips, and blend. Stuff into the popsicle forms and freeze.

7. Te-QUI-la!

This one is for adults only: Tequila-Spiked Mango Popsicles With Chili. I liked both with and without the chili pepper. These are a really fun party treat.

8. Soup on a Stick

Okay, I will admit this one is a little wild, but it's good. Gazpacho is great when it's hot out, and if you freeze it… even better. Gazpacho Popsicles? Yes!

9. V-8 on a Stick

In the same vein, I tried freezing V-8 juice into a popsicle form. The husband gave me a look, but I thought it was good. I guess you really have to like V-8 juice. I think next time I'll try this with Bloody Mary mix!

10. Sriracha Sauce?

Last Friday I tried a Sriracha Brownie, and it was delicious. Imagine how stoked I was to find these Sriracha Fudge Popsicles! If you like the spicy plus chocolate combination, you have got to try these, too!

11. Terrific Tamarind

Have you tried tamarind? It is really good, and unusual. I would describe it as "tart." You may find it in concentrate or in the pod form at your grocery store. I buy the pod and smash it up to add to my barbeque sauce. When you mash it, its consistency is sort of like a date. I think it is delicious, and so of course I loved these Tamarind-Chile Ice Pops.

12. Quintessential Summer

The addition of mint to these Watermelon Popsicles makes them extra-refreshing. These are especially good after a heavy barbeque dinner.

13. Caffeine Buzz

My husband and I could eat these Coffee Popsicles all day in the summer. I think we need to switch to decaf popsicles in the afternoon.

14. India-Inspired

Go ahead, eat some super-hot Indian food and then cool off with a Mango Lassi Popsicle. These are awesome. Do not leave out the cardamom! That makes all the difference.

15. Kale. Yes, Kale.

Put your healthy smoothie into a popsicle form and it's even more refreshing on a hot day for breakfast. (See also: Cooking With Kale: Recipes for Real People)

16. Carrot

As long as you have juicer all fired up from kale smoothies popsicles, let's make some carrot popsicles.

17. Uncork Some Wine…

…and make popsicles? Sure, if you also add some fruit and sugar. Make sure "mommy's popsicles" aren't within reach of the kids!

18. Pucker Up

Tart, creamy, fabulous Key Lime Popsicles — what a creation! I love the graham-cracker sprinkles.

19. Guacamole Popsicles

Just joking. But why not Avocado-Coconut popsicles? Avocados are fruit, after all, and they mix so well with creamy coconut.

20. Bean Popsicles

No, really, I am not kidding, this time. Adzuki beans are tiny red beans, frequently used in Asian desserts. In Hawaii, they are popular in shave ice, which is very similar to this delicious popsicle.

21. Goat?

Okay, that sounded really gross. But Goat's milk yogurt is delicious, especially paired with raspberries.

22. Spa Popsicles

What do you think of when you think "spa beverage"? Water with lemon and cucumber slices, right? Go one better and try these Lemon Cucumber popsicles. And don't forget the massage.

23. Oreo Lovers, Rejoice

Hurray! Someone figured out how to make Oreo popsicles. Just don't try to twist them apart.

24. Pad Thai and…

… Iced tea, right? The tea is just so complimentary of the food. Of course we can make that into a Thai Iced Tea popsicle!

25. Use Up the Herb Garden

Well, or maybe just a few springs of the cilantro, in these Pineapple Coconut Cilantro Popsicles.

Alright readers, do you have any favorite hot summer day popsicle recipes? Anything crazier than these?

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Marla Zumwalt

Great blog - and so timely given the temperatures out! There are a bunch of those ideas that I just have to try! Love all the "grown up" popsicles ideas!

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