Guest post: Live a rich life on a budget

By Philip Brewer on 18 May 2009 3 comments
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I have a guest post up at Get Rich Slowly that suggests that you be a bon vivant.

A bon vivant is a person who lives well — someone who enjoys the best things in life, especially with regard to food and drink. The stereotypical bon vivant is someone who can afford the best (or has generous friends), but that’s not the only way. You can be a bon vivant on a budget.

What is “the best” anyway? Your own tastes play the biggest role, but the tastes of family and friends have a strong influence. To a lesser extent, so do the tastes of opinion leaders, celebrities, experts, and others — even fictional characters. Because of this, appreciating the finer things in life makes you vulnerable to serious “keeping up with the Joneses” issues.

There are a lot of ways to fight this.

If that sounds interesting, click on over to Get Rich Slowly and take a look at How to Live a Rich Life — On a Budget.

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Excellent post Philip!

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Perhaps, I should literally strive hard to become a true bon vivant. Apparently, I want to live a good life.

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Can bon vivants (bons vivant? I wish my French were better) enjoy the free things in life? Rather than enjoying something tangible, is it possible to enjoy the intangible -- a peaceful summer afternoon in a hammock, cool lilac scented air coming through the open bedroom window, the liveliness of a public square full of happy people on a crisp autumn evening? Do bon vivants have to BUY stuff to enjoy life?