Hack a Mac!

If you're like me, the closest you get to hacking anything is when you are allowed to carve the turkey at Thanksgiving. But lately, I've been inspired to learn how to do all those techy things that my nerdy friends seem so good at. I'm also a sucker for most Mac products, but I had heard bad things about AppleTV.

So I was happy to see tech-lovin' geeks at Wired Magazine publish a fun hack that turns AppleTV into a full-fledged computer.

Apple TV is dead, long live the Mac Nano. Sort of. Just two weeks after Apple released its streaming media box to the public, hackers successfully installed OS X, Apple's desktop operating system, on the $300 device, making it the cheapest PC Cupertino has ever sold.

This hack takes some very serious time and patience, but man, a full-fledged Mac for $300!

Picture by Jane M. Sawyer.


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This would be a very slow mac with a 1.0 Ghz processor.

Very undesireable.