Halloween by the Numbers

Halloween is right around the corner! People are planning out their costumes, loading up on candy, and preparing for the scariest night of the year!

Each year, 170 million Americans celebrate Halloween. Combined, they will spend a total of $8 billion and will send 10 million Halloween cards. That’s a lot of money and cards to send on a holiday that doesn’t involve giving and receiving presents!

If you plan on being in the 40.6% of people who dress up for Halloween this year, try to spend less than the average $28.65 people spend on costumes by making your own costume! Or, if you are one of the 33.5% of people who plan on throwing or attending a party, save money by having a dinner and dancing bash.

However you celebrate, keep it frugal, spooky, and fun! Happy Halloween!

Brought to you by Traidcrafts organic food and Wise Bread.

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